Just admit, when people see those achieving success, there are ALWAYS haters!

Posted: June 21, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Games, Sports, Uncategorized
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What I am referring to is the recent NBA Finals that took place between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. But let me say that, I haven’t been on the angle of the NBA Finals since Michael Jordan retired many years back. Yes, when the NBA was on the high angle, it was Michael Jordan carrying the torch in which I think neither Kobe, or LeBron would never get.  I’m sorry that needed to be said. But I will say that even though that I haven’t paid attention to it, but it had been a decent season despite of the lockout. Like this year, the Miami Heat got their second title and a first for LeBron.

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, and you fans of the Thunder, this needs to be said to get it out of way in such. Your boys got beat. But they fought hard. Yes, I have been looking at them and I think that after the losses to Miami, they will learn from this and find a way to get better. It happened before. I think back to 1995 when Michael Jordan was in the NBA Playoffs and the Orlando Magic knocked out the Bulls. However, Jordan went back into the gym, got his form back in terms of his basketball skills and also it was the same year, the 1995-1996 season when they won at least 70 games. Plus having Dennis Rodman. That lead them to their 4th NBA title, out of their six championships. But the thing that got them through it was indeed one word that you Thunder Fans need to understand: Experience. That’s it. For the Heat, their experience of not getting a title last year was experience seeing the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Title on THEIR floor! So Thunder Fans, your time will come. But I think the Heat wanted this more for redemption wise than selfish reasons.

Speaking of that, what is up with the hate, when someone or a group wins a major thing, folks gotta hate? Sort of like graduation from college, new promotion, getting married, or getting that new car and show off their craft? I mean seriously, what’s up with that?! In the case of LeBron James, and what he had went through with Cleveland, making the decision of going to Miami in his attempt to win. And those that didn’t like the decision burn his jerseys in protest. Um…..this is hospitality and respect? This dude, LeBron is a grown man. Period. Whether he made a good decision that benefits him or a negative decision that does the opposite, we know that every decision is not going to be a good decision all the time! Many before LeBron did the same thing. Michael Jordan did it when he retired the first time, went into baseball, then came back and win more titles. For Shaquille O’Neal, he left Orlando in 1996 to go out west to the Lakers and win his share of NBA Titles. And I’ll bet those in O-Town are still steaming over that. I mean it’s a long time ago! I’m sure the feeling left the scene.  Whether you like LeBron James or not, he is a good ball player. And has a NBA Title to prove it. But he’ll be  nowhere near Michael Jordan. What LeBron needs to do is to be his own player. I mean it’s cool to learn from MJ, and looking up to him in all. But he needs to be “his own player”. However, I am happy for Dwayne Wade, who by the way, is a prodigy of Marquette University of winning his second NBA Title. And just to think, Shaquille O’Neal was leading a way for him to win a title years back.

Haters are going to hate. All because of what they don’t want others to have just because the guy won the contest that wasn’t favorable.


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