Note to Ciara Matthews in the Walker Administration: Watch your mouth!

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics
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I don’t know if anyone in Wisconsin lately, paid attention to Scott Walker’s Communications spokesperson Ciara Matthews. Apparently, she tweeted a message in  part reads towards the Wisconsin Democrats, and I dare say the Republicans and Independents that don’t view Walker’s political stuff:

“Attn, #WisDems: No leg. session until 2013 = symbolic state senate majority.  Your one seat accomplishes zero.  Just like your recall efforts.”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Scott Walker called for Unity in Wisconsin? Obviously, this is the part of accountability that the Administration must take heed of. If the “values” of Scott Walker per say is about unifying the state, then he better start with his own staff. Namely Ciara Matthews!

Note to Ciara: watch your mouth, er tweets! And also she’s wrong on this. If the Governor per say had the majority of both houses in the state, then that would have been different. But it’s not. It would be extra hard for Walker not to do what he wants in full control! And plus if they, and Ciara forgotten that they lost three seats altogether going back to last summer, which counts as a win. Well, duh!

Technically, for this “message” is like throwing a flag for taunting! Ever heard of sore losers? Try “sore winners.”

And for further reading, look at this blog from “Monologues of Dissent” on blogspot. The title of the story with the words above is in the story. Check the name of: Has Walker’s call for unity already been betrayed by his staff? A letter from Callen Harty on Ciara Matthews


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