What a waste of hate. Civil War among Wisconsinites – Really?

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics, Organizations
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Check out this blog from the The Gloomy Historian. A blog on Blogspot. It’s titled, And So It Begins

OK. So Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and what’s this? The real” taxpayers” took back the state? As a resident I find this note offensive all because of external hatred. Last time I checked that the folks voted for Barrett pay taxes too! Sure most who didn’t like the Walker administration signed the recall petition in order to have them out. But these same “taxpayers” like to retaliate and tell those who signed to move to Illinois or California. Oh and the ending of the note, having the words: “GO AWAY and be among your kind.” Sound kind of racist if you ask me! And divided.

Newsflash!!!!  Notes like this will infuse nothing more than but more hatred. Which in my point of view, that “civil war” or the internal civil war should have been preventable. If those in the administration care about Walker being targeted for death threats on Twitter, what about this?!!!

Obviously, I am a kind of person, er resident doesn’t wish death on no one. But those who wrote this better rethink their sins!

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