Dear Wisconsinites:

As a resident like many others, I am concerned about this “civil war” mixed in with politics.  Matter of fact, I’m concerned about the future as well. How is it that this state has to resort of things that are being behind and backwards thinking in all things? Technically, it’s a fear factor. Oh, don’t want to deepen old wounds like not having High Speed Rail, or the kinds of jobs that Wisconsin SHOULD have in order not to be behind.  Or being behind on fashion, or any other things that compels the residence of Wisconsin’s consciousness.

After many times commenting about this: I do believe that the state is split left and right. Matter of fact in my view, it’s been like that for a while. Most will take Milwaukee for example as being a segregated city. Most wouldn’t believe that, but in other ways, Milwaukee still remains at the top of the list. Now for the record, the segregation part does not always include black/white. Other folks can be segregated too, no matter where they stand. If Milwaukee is considered segregated, what that does say about Wisconsin being “divided”?  And may I add that Milwaukee has the highest unemployment rate for African-Americans, 4th in the nation being poor, and most folks blame Barrett. Really? Guess what, Walker “shares” the blame also.

And as far as jobs is concerned, I will agree that the jobs are out there, but who has the gumption for training? Every week and everyday I see jobs galore in the paper and online, but the thing that gets me is the experience factor. But I barely see the most look-able jobs that require training! I hate to pick on Wisconsin companies but I’m going to say this. It might hinder me or not. I believe that the companies needs to stop playing games in terms of their hiring practices depending on race, creed, class, and also EDUCATION! And I also believe that the companies need to be real of what they say and do instead of being so stuck up of one crowd and being debatable on the other. Oh yeah. If they don’t, there’s your downfall. And this is in related to African-American high unemployment! Specifically here in Wisconsin. I had been discriminated because of my race back in 2010 all because I tried to hand in my resume to a company that refuses to hire applicants of color. And I know what company I’m talking about. Dresser Waukesha. Several years ago, when I working on my Bachelor’s Degree via Distance Education, several of the organizations of the Milwaukee Urban League, Spehrion and Manpower attacked me all because of my education objectives at that time. Was I angry? Do I still remember the pain? I never forget. All of my reasons here is why I feel Wisconsin businesses and organizations need to rethink their attitudes of their hiring. If the APPLICANTS have to rethink their views, why not the Companies/Organizations? And just a personal note, Wisconsin started the Distance Education stuff. Reference UW-Madison.

Between last February and this upcoming Recall Election, most of Wisconsinites who didn’t vote for Scott Walker felt betrayed that those who voted for him. As someone that knows the work of Walker, I kept saying these words over and over again: I told you so. All those times and how I know? It’s basically from experience. Don’t forget that he was County Executive for Milwaukee during his 8 years. And partially, served longer that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Just a heads up, Barrett started in 2004, Walker in 2002. All those times of Walker of cutting the needy stuff from important bus routes, senior citizens accessible needs, the parks and many others. This is part of the experience I’ve seen living here. Most of everything that Walker did for the County, is doing the same for the State. But after his disapproval of Talgo,  he turned towards the elimination of Collective Bargaining rights of Public Workers. The Firefighters, Nurses, Teachers, and etc. That I think was a bomb scare. And this is why this whole Recall thing is happening now. It’s about livelihoods. I had to reflect what the retired teachers had to say in regarding this and they agree that this “bomb scare” was planned. Speaking of recalls: Note to the ill-Mil, if Tom Barrett is that bad currently, where was his recall? Or if Jim Doyle was that far worse, why wasn’t he recalled? And those who supported Walker in the 39% Households that backed him in terms of stripping the union stuff? Really? If those in the 39% didn’t like what they saw or went through, why didn’t they quit? Apparently the right never tried. You heard me. Those on the right commented how bad Barrett and Doyle have been, but never been suggested by the people to be recalled. Or should I say “voters”.

In regarding June 5th: I think it will be like Game 7.  Either win or go home. Or in this case: either vote or stay home. If you vote, you win. You don’t vote, you lose.  And don’t blame nobody but yourself! Alot of America is “now knowing Wisconsin besides the Packers and Brewers”. But this isn’t no sports thing. Better get faith communities, because I think it would be an act of God to judge. Not Scott Walker. Not Tom Barrett. Not the Koch Brothers. Not the DNC. Not the RNC. Not anyone in the state who thinks who has the answers. Not the 30 Million Dollars in Walker’s War chest to spend on ads attacking Barrett. Scott Walker may have all that money per say, but that (and he should know) will NOT get him into heaven. Since he’s a preacher’s kid in all.  And not anyone who is all conservative and liberal either. Just an open thought, I do like most things liberal, which doesn’t make me a hardcore liberal. Real talk.


Stephen’s Spot


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