18th Letter to Wisconsinites: I Told You So!!!! – The Quest of restoring our conscious

Posted: May 24, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Favorites
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Let me give a shout out to the New York Times for posting this article: How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?

Alot of you outside of the state must be really asking the question, “what is going on there?” ” Why are you all so like this?” Not to make a mockery of anything but we ask ourselves this everyday. In relation to what has been happening within the past year under the current administration, and those feel that this a civil war among those favoring left and right, and those who feel that being behind is the best thing going, then Wisconsin, I need to say this as a resident: WE NEED TO CHANGE OURSELVES NOW!!!!! Find a church to get saved and get saved now.

Politically, the events within the past year have really ravaged this state. All beginning with the installation of Walker, and the tearing down the hardworking traditions, and important reminders that this state once stood for. Remember our slogan: FORWARD. Not Backward.

Now since the country knows about us, there might be something that we have to understand: At times we shake hands and stab each other in the back. I hate to be a picky citizen, but this is real talk. And the recent politics of taking away rights is showing. I also know that those involved in unions and agree with Walker of stripping most of collective bargaining is stupid. Yes, I said it. As a former union member myself,  I have to say that is the most unethical strategy on the planet! How can some in the state (or those in the 39% households) call themselves “union members” and agree on stripping most of the collective bargaining rights? I don’t get that. That should be shameful in my view. And as far as education, don’t get me started! For BadgerCare and the status of the poor, again don’t get me started!

Here in Milwaukee, I think we felt dissed when Scott Walker said that “we don’t want the state to be like Milwaukee”. Really?! You know I think that he needs to retract that statement. Oh yes, I’m going there! Let’s not forget that Scott Walker was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. Most of what he did then, effects the state now. The same when Tommy Thompson once said “stick it to Milwaukee”. So this tells me that the state wants to distance itself from Milwaukee? Despite of the unemployment rate in all? Most of that effects African-Americans? It doesn’t matter if you follow the liberal side or the conservative side. You know there is a consciousness surrounding the aspects of it. But when those think that in a sense, it’s becoming apparent that those fear Milwaukee in terms of this matter. Whether is likeable or not, Wisconsin NEEDS Milwaukee and Milwaukee NEEDS Wisconsin, in order to succeed.

Oh speaking of going slow or being behind. That IS NOT the Wisconsin Way. Labeling things that are boondoggles IS NOT THE WISCONSIN WAY! Stripping rights away due to gender, race, creed, class, education, preference in all IS NOT THE WISCONSIN WAY! Let’s say that you got a table that you put your food on every Sunday dinner. And the questions have to come out of asking why. In a demeanor sense. Most of us need to remind ourselves that if hadn’t been for those that BUILT the table, none of us wouldn’t be using it today in terms of traditions. That is what the unions reminds me of in terms of Wisconsin in keep that tradition alive. Not shoving it into the trash like yesterday’s garbage. Or a thing of the past. How is this teaching our kids in terms of respecting tradition?

Some say that Wisconsin needs a revival. Or in this case one of those “come to Jesus meetings”. Scott Walker and his administration, including Reggie Newson needs a “come to Jesus meeting” in terms of the so-called slogan “Open for Business”.  PLEASE ON THAT. I was listening to a Radio report provided by WUWM here in Milwaukee, and it was concerning  Talgo. Technically as well known the company was supposed to be apart of the future High Speed Rail project with Milwaukee and Madison. But after the deal was signed, Walker came in and scrapped it. Wasting away not only $800+ Million Dollars, but also in my estimation an opportunity to get passed up all because of the politics labeling things that are wouldn’t work. Or in another sense: boondoggles. And a waste of jobs. So technically the Administration doesn’t care about a lick about new opportunities that most feel that don’t work along with the fans of support. What a drag. All because of politics.  And after what has happened to Talgo so far, what will THAT say about Wisconsin in terms of business? Most I think would be linked to “Scott Walker’s toxic politics” in terms of what business does Wisconsin wants and not what it needs. So I’m assuming that building a new McDonalds in Milwaukee or Green Bay may be acceptable than investing in a factory to be restored for trains, or airplane parts in Grant County? – COME ON WISCONSIN!

Now I mentioned on a previous blog that yes, Jim Doyle made setbacks during his term. But why wasn’t he recalled? Answer that, Conservatives. Just saying. And Milwaukee, if Mayor Tom Barrett is that bad, then why wasn’t HE recalled? Hmmmm, ponder that!

It’s time to step up and let the country know that we Wisconsinites want to be open to all businesses and ideas without the toxic politics. Should that be the Wisconsin Way? If not, I don’t know what is.

I have love for the badger state. I do. But like Frederick Douglass once said that “a true patriot is a lover for his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it sins!” And the I rebuke the actions, (negative actions) of those who feel this way!

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