17th Letter to Wisconsinites: I Told You So!!! – The Heart of the Matter edition

Posted: May 20, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, News and politics, Organizations
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Obviously, I know for some, most are probably are asking, what is up with the “I Told You So’s?” It’s my way for saying of what’s going in Wisconsin. Politically. I’ve been on this thing 16 times, and now approaching number 17. Recently, we know that the recall election will be coming up on June 5th.  We know. Scott Walker knows. Tom Barrett knows. The sides of the liberals, progressives, conservatives, and those stuck in the middle know what is up for the state. What happens on the 5th of June at the end, will dictate the future. If Walker survives, mostly of the things he’s planning will continue. Deeper cuts in Education, health, and the ongoing so-called spurs of the 250,000 jobs. If Barrett wins, the direct opposite. Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Scott Walker (yet again) of being governor of Wisconsin. There has been alot of talk about that which is nothing new. They endorsed him in 2010 in that Tea-Party wave beatings in the country. Frankly, I don’t like the Tea-Party. Never have and will. Not necessarily bad feelings. I just don’t agree with them at all. The heat of the matter has also resisinated with the job growth. According to Walker, he said in the past week that Wisconsin (miraculously) gained 23,000+ jobs within the past year, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wait a minute! STOP and Rewind! How in the Badgerland that the state “gathered 23,000 + jobs when it was reported by the Department of Labor that Wisconsin LOST about 5,900 jobs, during the month of April? Um, something doesn’t add up. Apparently the Governor didn’t reported the FACTS truthfully with providing the proof that it actually happened!  Bottom line, it’s false. The only reason I think Walker presented the “23,000+ Jobs” before the whatever deadline, is just to “make him look good for continuation.” But others in Wisconsin aren’t fooled that much. So apparently it’s not sufficient enough to jump the gun and actually read the fine print properly. And as for the Journal Sentinel, they know better. No, I’m not blaming Eugene Kane, James Causey or any other reporter of this matter. They’re cool.  As well as the Purple Wisconsin section writers.  Will this continue the drive for Tom Barrett? Quite possibly.

Now for the Heart of the Matter. I’m beginning to sound like Ed Schultz. Just today, I visited the Talgo plant in Milwaukee’s inner city area. The company became caught in the crossfire during the 2010 campaign here in Wisconsin. Talgo as most know was supposed to be apart of the Milwaukee-Madison High Speed Rail Project in which in my estimation should have been now “shovel ready”. But apparently, Walker got in the Governor’s chair and refused to accept the 800+ million dollars in which would have covered the expenses of the project. So no to High Speed Rail all because of two things: 1) the talk of boondoggles in which is totally pathetic for laziness. Which included the same old government spending wasting speech. Oh wait, was the 2 wars under George W. Bush like that? and 2) It’s another way to get Obama out of office. You read that right. All those “no’s” that the Republicans been saying all this time? It’s just trying to get President Barack Obama’s term to be limited to one.  Call it racism. Call it being against certain policies. Call it what you want. But I don’t think those no’s will stop Obama moving forward for another term. If he gets only one term, it’s a lost. Or it’s a waste. Getting back to Talgo, the company had a Open House in which there was information about the trains, the trains themselves, and potential company information about the use and objectives of the company endeavors. When I got to the plant as usual, the main attraction was indeed the trains themselves. I have viewed mostly on the inside and I was VERY IMPRESSED! I was impressed of the work that was put in in building these train sets. Boondoggle, you say?

Everything from the seating which was powered electronically, the screens on the ceiling, and many others that was impressive with 21st Century Technology.  Let me repeat that: 21st Century Technology!

Not stuck in the past mindsets of politics. Near the end of the tour, it was spread around that the company might stay IF the trains operate on Amtrak’s Hiawatha Line that connects from Milwaukee to Chicago. And the way if that happens,  IF the votes go through on June 5th. Talgo is on life support in order to stay in Milwaukee and provide jobs and display innovation. I was one of those today that view it, and I was impressed with the work. Now to those who call it a boondoggle in all, are just lazy in thinking. If those who bashed the trains in all visited the plant today and saw the project up-close and in person, they would probably have their standstill of stubborn politics. Sort of like Scott Walker. Also where was Reggie Newson? The DWD Secretary. Hmmmmmmm, why didn’t they come out? Robin Vos, or Alberta Darling. Oh never mind. Sorry. They don’t count.

Like I said, the projects were indeed an impressive and shouldn’t in no way shape or form be a waste of money. I learned long time ago that you never know that something useful like this could have some value in the long run. The keyword is VALUE!  Not fear of failure. Another keyword or keywords is matter of principle!

Technically, one of the weaknesses in Wisconsin in my view is not only slowness at times, but the execution of getting things done. Technically I see that. Particularly in Milwaukee. In comparisons to other cities that are on the move. Those in the area bash Detroit alot. Really? But failed to mention that Detroit is turning things around for the good. I can’t hate the Motor City for that. They are showing the country how it’s done and apparently those of us in the “Greater Milwaukee Area” need to recognize and respect! Somebody needs to say it. They have a slogan of “Imported from Detroit” during the commercials that had the Gospel Choir singing the One Shot chorus verses from the 8 Mile Soundtrack. Which is part of their continued success of cars. GM Cars that is. And GM is back on top being Number 1 in the world. Who should we thank for that? Can anyone say President Obama? Not only it’s about the product, but about showing the pride! Well, Milwaukee Area where’s our pride?!!!”

For that I want to see Milwaukee stand up for this. I want to see Milwaukee have products or anything Milwaukee made to showcase that we exist! Born in Brew City, or Created in Cream City, or Milwaukee Originated.  Or,  A Milwaukee Original. Oh, yeah I’m giving out some ideas. But I better get credit for it! So everything here I said, better be a food for thought. If it’s not, well let’s just say the parade will pass by. And the politics, backwards thinking, and not showing your pride for your city or state will show.


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