Look at this tweet that I wrote on May 8th, 2012: It’s on! Barrett vs Walker II: The Recall edition. Tuesday, June 5th, 2012. Be there, or Be Square!!! (at the polls that is) #RematchWI

This is what my blogs to Wisconsinites have been about. My perspectives es of what’s on my mind, and what is on the brain from this Wisconsinite. Me of course. Now since that the previous 15 “I told you so’s’ have been blowing up like crazy since last year, it was in my own opinon and judgment that I should present this in a way that I know how.

All of that lead to this: Tom Barrett vs Scott Walker. The Rematch for the Governor’s Chair in Madison. The protests in which captivated the state to let the nation know, and the rest of Wisconsin know that there are mostly those that don’t like what the governor has done: cancelling high speed rail, stopping collective bargaining, slashing public education funds, quietly repealing equal pay for women, and losing jobs within 23,000+ over a year. These are some of the things that are coming to grips for Wisconsin that the path that some may argue that it is working. It’s not. It’s not working. It’s not working ENOUGH. We’ve heard and seen what the Wisconsin 14 have said. We’ve heard what the other guys of the Red team had said of what they felt was right. Which is in my view “from the bubble”. The administration of Scott Walker is NOT in my view right for Wisconsin. They have this vision that Wisconsin is open for business. If that’s the case, explain the losses of jobs to Illinois. Now they are assuming that “it was all Jim Doyle’s fault”.  You know what, this is not about Jim Doyle any more. He’s retired. And that’s also the guy that Scott Walker didn’t beat. Let me repeat that. Scott Walker DIDN’T beat Jim Doyle. And plus even though that Doyle had made some decisions that didn’t set well, but he was never recalled! I assume you know why. Maybe not.

And this caught the attention of Ed Schultz who was the first to report this, when others like Fox News weren’t paying attention. Rachel Maddow reported about the facts of Wisconsin in which unions, yes UNIONS started in Wisconsin. Know this America.  We’re more than a cheese state. Wisconsin also started Distance Education. Take that Milwaukee Urban League, and Manpower for bashing me back in 2004! And guess what, those suckers lost and I won in May of 2006. Right during the weekend of celebrating mothers. I know I shouldn’t be so personal in all on this, but this was my feeling in my gut that I should NOT be a coward of not backing down of something about that I felt it was job to do and finish. I did it for me. I did it for my family. I did it for those who want to believe and I did it for those who never had it, can finally do it! That was a story that will never be wiped away with stupid shenaginans like I’m not worthy to dream.

Basically, this is what I think that those who Stand With Wisconsin believe in. They didn’t back down. They didn’t give in to gather signatures in which most thought was impossible. 1,000,000,000 had gathered, but only 900,000 had been accepted over the 540,000+ required. It didn’t if it was in the cold or during Christmas shopping they got it done. Now since then, its time for Wisconsin to make a decision. If the state wants to retain the reigns of Scott Walker, in my view will be even more disastrous. Tom Barrett did warn us that to hang on to our hats. Did we listen, Wisconsin? If we did, you know what’s up. If you hadn’t, wake up and smell the coffee.  For the opposite, for Tom Barrett to take the reigns for the state will be an attempt to fix and REJOLT Wisconsin in the areas that I have listed.  That is what it is at stake for this Recall Election. If Walker does not win, he will be the third governor to be recalled in the United States. If Mahlon Mitchell wins the Lt. Governor’s race over Rebecca Kleefisch, he will be the FIRST African-American candidate to be elected at that position. Now in my previous blog that Wisconsin had and has candidates of African-American that served on the state level, but not on the Governor’s and Lt. Governor positions.

So Wisconsin: whether we like it or not, this recall thing is no joke. Scott Walker recently said that he doesn’t want the state to be like Milwaukee. Well, that I think is a slap in the face. The state needs Milwaukee, and Milwaukee needs the state. Plain and simple. Sometimes you can’t have one without the other. Like it or not, the state is pretty much divided. Hopefully with all of this, the real healing can begin. May 8th was just a “dress rehearsal”. But June 5th, better be a better performance than 2010.


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