MCA: A hip hop pioneer that those in the game now should really study and summarize.

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Entertainment, Music
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I wrote a twitter stat this past week in regarding MCA, or Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys: Another saint in the Hip Hop community has passed. God bless Adam Yauch (aka MCA) The saints are checking out!

In all due respect, this is not mocking anything. It’s letting the world know that a great person had passed, and should be celebrated for the work he did while still living. No doubt Adam Yauch, or MCA or Mic Commander Adam, is definitively one of the best pioneers that came out of the golden age of Hip-Hop. No question also, his craft along with Mike D and AdRock really made the world and the Hip Hop game noticed. And unlike those of today, they were real to themselves, and didn’t sell out in trying to be something that they weren’t. No matter if you were into the Hip-hop mixed with rock, hardcore punk music, or alternative hip hop music, they seemed to exemptfly their craft to the masses as some before them. And a little bit after. Way before like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Soulja Boy all came along and well, you know.

It also caught me by surprise that MCA was in support of social causes like Free Tibet and countless other world causes in which most in the game now should be following. Other than worrying about their money, cars and throwback jerseys. Some of you are saying that I’ve become a critic of Hip-Hop. I’m not a critic of the game. I’m just criticizing on how their game is not crafted with art and creativity. I’m just saying.

Like Whitney Houston’s passing, there will be others under the age of 21 or 18 might ask “Who was MCA?” Those of us who listen to the records, cd’s, mp3’s and many others, it’s time to tell the story. Sometimes we need to tell the story again, and again just to make their heads filled with that knowledge. Not just because of the craft MCA brought, but what about his humanity concerns, his donations, etc. Those are the things I would like to see. Yes, he was a great lyricist in the hip hop game, and a prominent figure in my view, prominent among the Buddhist community of his faith and beliefs.

Now for me, there is not a doubt that his race is finished at 47 years old. I know that he was sick for a while due to cancer and the thing that most have to realize that cancer can strike at ANY AGE! It can strike at ANY GENDER! and yes it can strike at ANY COLOR! Like bullets, cancer too does not have no eyes. Some are saying now, that since cancer is killer in all, they are working on medicine about curing it. But the best defense is to eat the right foods, drinks, get enough exercise, and always see your doctor every year. Not in the years that some will tell you.

Yes, I liked their music as well. No question, the Beastie Boys as good as they are, they are indeed a blueprint of hip hop. It doesn’t matter if it was Paul Revere, Three MC’s and one DJ, Intergalatic Planetary, Make some noise, Don’t Play No Game That I Can Win, You Gotta Fight, For Your Right (To Party), Nonstop Disco Powerpack, An Open Letter to NYC, Sabotage, and many others, Ch-Check It Out included, they have proved themselves very well. And MCA proved that his craft was well respected.

So to the new school, you better learn and recognize!


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