Real Talk: Why the hate? – My take on the Brooklyn Nets, and the phrase of saying or labeling “African-Americans for Obama”

Posted: May 5, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, News and politics
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Check this out. I’m reading the Grio website and the NYPost about the new formed team of the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team. By the way, shout out to them in their new endeavors. If playing the Milwaukee Bucks, Fear the Deer at the Bradley Center. (Just kidding) But in all seriousness, I’m reading about this Phil Mushnick who slammed Jay-Z about the acquisiton of the team, the team colors, having 9mm guns and making a mockery of having the cheerleaders being derogatory. Wait a minute: Was this the same Phil Mushnick who at one time made a mockery of criticism of the WWE when the company was in the Attitude Era? All about having a fan love of the Wrestling game in all? This Guy? It all comes back. Stupid.

Or check this out from 1997.

I had to bring up this clip back because this is exactly what is going on now. Only this time, it’s after Jay-Z and his view of the Brooklyn Nets. From my understanding, this is all about hate. Just hate. Nothing new in the neighborhood in which you see someone doing their thing, and all of a sudden, here’s someone else with big mouth on the side, trying to shoot them down. So Phil Mushnick doesn’t like the Brooklyn Nets or Jay-Z? Well if I were him, or those like him: DON’T GO! Nor SUPPORT! In terms of just doing your business without talking smack. The Hip Hop game knows this very well, in reference called “Haters” – which also stands for Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. That’s all it is. But no, guys like him want to push the rock to make the opposition look weak. Just a pathetic use of attitude if you ask me.

Now the second take: I have to ask, what is wrong with this title “African-Americans for Obama”? I’m serious what is wrong with that? Apparently this is once again of those “sensitive topics that folks don’t want to apply”. Apparently a politician from Georgia, Rep. Gingrey thinks is worse than sad or in his viewpoint, he believes the labeling of it is sickeing and “shares” his viewpoint with others of the same way.

I often comment things that are things in my viewpoint are “African-American” all the time. I think guys like him are just paranoid. Seriously, I find NOTHING WRONG saying things that are African-American. NONE. It’s shameful that I have to hear this crap yet again of what black folks should be called. Frankly, I think saying African-American is not a scarlet letter. Even Glenn Beck commented once about the title being a PR term. Which is stupid in my view. I mean is this America? If I want to display, label, christien, call things or mention things African-American, that is MY choice! Those who hate it, fine. Leave it alone. Now is similar what I commented in relation to the Wisconsin Black Caucus, seeking black workers in the state of Wisconsin for an outreach. And guess what, apparently those bashing it thought it was racist. Laughable. There was nothing wrong with that then and now. And did I mention that it was on Facebook?

What is really stupid, I hear this all the time: How can you call yourself “African-American” when in parts you have never visited Africa? I ask, what does that have to do with anything? I’m going there!  Where’s the requirement? Did I failed to read that when I came into the world in 1976? What?! And those who ask that question in my view, have NO BACKBONE! Real Talk! Would I explore Africa one day and get a feel for the motherland? Of course. But that’s down the line on my future visits. What really gets me, is that I see other cultures embracing their heritage objectives, but when it comes to us, we laugh at it. That to me is disgraceful. What ever happened to embracing your culture and being “Americans” at the same time? I think the country needs a reality check on that.  I’m just saying.

Partially, it’s sad in 2012 that we’re talking loud about this and saying nothing. In regarding the “African-Americans for Obama” thing, I say keep it. Label it. Wear on a T-shirt. Buy a T-Shirt with it on. Posters, have a cover photo on your Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media things. HAVE A BALL!  But if you are those that you know who have the heads stuck in the ground in “thinking” you have the answers, guess what the questions just changed up.  So if you want to label and say things African-American, go ahead. And those who don’t like it, don’t complain, whine or cry about it! On in this case just do “the KIM effect” and just KEEP IT MOVIN!

I’ll say this as an African-American Citizen: Boom and God Bless!


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