Don’t Look At It! – For those who are the “sensitive” crowds.

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, Reflections, Summaries
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Alright. Before I begin this blog, I have to make a disclaimer. This disclaimer is not for those who are the sensitive kind at all. If you are one of these individials or groups, don’t read this blog without any harm or concern. And discontent. If you are partially sensitive and don’t have a problem with it, read on.

Let’s say for instance you are on your Social Media Page. Doesn’t matter which one, Facebook, Google Plus, or maybe it could be the Weekly Journal. Or a certain radio/internet station that express explicit content. Or it could be a footage from the 9:00pm news. Or the books that you were once embarrassed as a child. Pictures of anykind, or if you like to go to a job fair with a paper bag over your head. All those that I have listed have dealt with examples of sensitivity. Now you’re asking or assuming that “he’s talking about me.” No I’m not talking about you. I was watching Bill Maher one day and he had to talk about in his New Rules segments about those who cringe or get sensitive when things on the media scale show up on TV/Radio.  In reference to Fidel Castro and the coach of the Miami Marlins (by the way, when did the name changed?) Anyway the manager of the Marlins expressed how much he appreciates the value of Castro in all, but there are those who heard that, got offended. Really Miami? Ok, I get it. Most of us want Castro on the hook and gone. But this is one guy’s opinion! Either you take it or leave it. Or listen up or just move aside. Why can’t that be so simple? Just like when he said previously in relating to the politics. I mean for God’s sakes! There was a time I was afraid of fireworks and Thriller in Milwaukee growing up (yes that was a sensitive time)  but like those before me, I had to learn to get over it somehow and someway. If I didn’t, how would I feel about myself growing up as a man, or a citizen? Or going out and having the ability to defend myself as I get older? Does anyone get this? I don’t care if you love putting a picture of a bad time in America on Facebook in relations to lynchings. Not going into details but one did. And lots of users were angry that this person used a lynching picture as a profile pic on social media. But instead of folks being angry and  saying nothing about it, why can’t folks get together and talk about it? Whatever happened to that? For once, I agree. I look at funeral bulletins and at times I display them. Now I get the point that there are those who don’t want to see a deceased love one again in terms of pictures. I have to say this. When I was growing up, one of my relatives used say this alot in these words: DON’T LOOK AT IT! Look at these words. That’s all you have to do. It’s the same thing about radio, television, internet, newspapers, and any other form of communication that is normally used today. The same with music. We’re all familiar with the Parental Tags. It’s been like that since 1985. Most of the “parents” back then felt that the music then was getting way overblown with the content. So what did Tipper Gore and company do? Put the parental tags on so that anyone is thinking about buying Slick Rick or Ice Cube, can know that this album contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences. Same with movies! Rated R, and when Showgirls came out in the same year of my High School graduation, NC-17. That should tell you right there about what kind of content that the movie contains.

People, it’s common sense!

Last year my Alma mater of UW-Stout came under fire of a quote from Firefly, which was displayed outside of a professor’s office. We’ve seen it haven’t we?:

And even though that the University was concerned about it, the professor won the case that even thought he, Jim Miller was a fan of the show, and his view of the quote, wasn’t all that concerned. Plus we know what happened with Roland Martin this year which wasn’t that concerned at all on Twitter.

Again people it’s common sense!

If there are things that you feel that are “sensitive” don’t complain or bad mouth, or even cry about it. Just be a real civilized person and just walk away. Plain and simple! Don’t pay attention to it. If you feel that displaying church sermons online offends you from your childhood past, move on!  If it involves clowns, etc. K.I.M. = Keep It Moving!  But move on without getting an attitude. Can that be done?

As pains me to write this blog, but it needed to be said.


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