If anyone knows what the Martin Family is going through, in terms of understanding of losing someone to gun violence, seek Bill Cosby. That’s right. Bill Cosby. It was about 15 years ago that Bill lost his son Ennis Cosby to gun violence. Now I’m assuming that this case of the Trayvon Martin murder is not going away like trying to wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or the next Drake Single. Or if Bobbi Kristina will indeed get her acting skills on. Or we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting. Just like when our Troops go overseas and help other countries, but don’t help the causes at home as much. Which is not always true at times. Heck, my late great-grandmother lived up to her 100’s in her lifetime, and didn’t wait for nothing! Even if it was talking about having a Black President.

During my off time, I had to listen to one of my local radio stations, online. If you said Blowradio.com, yes. On and on, it was about Homer Blow expressing his frustration over the fact yet again that there are those who support the Trayvon Martin cases, but NOT supporting cases at home. Not to repeat what he said but in the context of Blow that if you support Trayvon Martin, (expletitve) YOU!  He also put up a profile pic on his Facebook Page, of a young 26 year old, Lauren A. Donelson, who was gunned down in Milwaukee recently, it brings back to the question yet again why we don’t support our problems turned solutions at home? Technically,  this is the same as those asking why we have to celebrate Black History Month annually in February. We should know right? Don’t say it’s racist or segregated. Why we have to fill out the Census form every 10 years. – which a constitutional law in the United States by the way.I can go on and on.  Or why can’t Wisconsin have High Speed Rail and having the Republicans like Scott Walker wanted to drop it like a bad habit. Fear of boondoggles? Really? Wow Wisconsin Taxpayers and Republican supporters. Lighten up! And you’re wondering about those 250,000 jobs? Really?!

Obviously, it’s time to face reality and just call it like this: Everybody is different. In regarding to supporting Trayvon Martin tributes over the local problems, everyone is not going to support the local stuff all the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are those who do support national causes and local causes. Would I support the NAACP nationally, and support Milwaukee’s Career and Youth Development? Of course. Or if I attend a concert let’s say….Jay-Z’s hip-hop Concert.Nothing wrong with that. And going to an act that is Milwaukee owned for the urban music scene. No problem. But I don’t want no one telling me that I should support the local talent! If I were to support local talent per say, I would do it. Just saying. Hello! Can I get a witness?  I mean there is nothing wrong supporting music in general depending your position. Every year I listen to Mr. Machine which is by the group called The Chefs. But most of you don’t know that some of the band members were related to me by blood, and they used to open up for well known acts like B.B. King, James Brown and Tina Turner. This is not one of those “you’re lying things”. NO this is real! Just to let you know that!

Possibly, this talk about “getting behind nationally and not supporting locally” is going to be talked about again. And again. And again. It’s nothing new.  I don’t think no one should judge anyone of the causes like Trayvon Martin supporting stuff. Even though it’s a sensitive topic per say, but it shouldn’t be a bother of anyone snapping off at the mouth. I do realize that there are those who are passionate about their communities. The keyword is passionate. It’s all about having love above and beyond for a cause that will make noise for realization. And thus, even though Blowradio.com is not very passionate about the Trayvon Martin tributes nationally (ala Michael Baisden) but when thing happen locally like the death of  Lauren A. Donelson, the young 26-year-old that was killed in Milwaukee recently by gun fire , it’s another plateau of passion to get behind our communities. Like the line from Boyz N’ The Hood when Tre’s friend Ricky was killed, and Furious was telling him that he’s sorry about his friend, but he (Tre) was his concern. I see that. And I know.


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