15th Letter to Wisconsinites: I Told You So!!!!! – the comeback version

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics
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Well it appears that the Recall efforts are on the way in Wisconsin. May 8th and June 5th. Those are the dates in which it has to be a potential assignment to conquer. And apparently, those dates are fast approching. The whole goal of this is to attempt to right the wrongs sort of speak of the Governor’s desk in Madison. Obviously, this is not just Wisconsin’s fight. It’s all over the country. Just recently the war on women (yes the war on women) has also sparked a negative thought in Wisconsin. Walker recently (in secret) signed into law to repeal equal pay. Against who may I ask? The female residents of Wisconsin.  The GOP, including RNC Chairman Renice Priebus (a Wisconsin native) doesn’t beleive that the whole “War on Women” is real. Well, when you take away a right to choose and others yep, it is a war. Let’s say if the GOP were to make a War on Men, per say,  our rights to choose would be in trouble! Obviously, it’s a shame in 2012 that there are certain rights have to still be fought for. In this fight, a recall is a must win for Wisconsin. Technically it is. The other ways of getting to Walker have only put a chink in the armor, but for this it’s nothing more that a must needed Technical Knockout. Those waiting to get to challenge Walker: Tom Barrett, who recently won re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee. Kathleen Falk,  a former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Vinehout, a state senator and the Secretary of State Dave LaFollette. And yes, already the GOP had planted 6 “fake democrats” in this race as well. Really? On the flip side, the race for Lieutenant Governor’s position will be challenged between Rebecca Kleefich and possibly Mahlon Mitchell. Speaking of which, if possible for a win of Mahlon, he would be the state’s first black Lt. Governor. Wisconsin, since in it’s inception has never had a politician as Governor nor Lt. Governor that was African-American or any other person that was non-Caucasian elected. Yes, African-Americans in Wisconsin had served in the State Government, but not at the Governor/Lt. Governor’s level.

Just on a side note, Scott Walker has revealed a “faith belief” recently. Now you’re asking what for? What has this man’s faith belief have to do with him slashing education, a stop on high speed rail jobs, having a state war on women of equal pay, killing collective bargaining rights, and above all else: creating Concealed Carry Weapons Laws. This is a man of faith? Really? And I thought George W. Bush was crazy. It is no comparison or secret that Scott Walker is a son of a preacher man. But do those who are PK’s like Walker need some common sense? Just asking.

I don’t know about anyone in the home state, but when May 8th and June 5th arrives, most will be ready. And I believe that the lines will be long. And it will be I think like those who stood out in the cold weather, and indoors getting those recall signatures and indicating that they want Walker out of Madison. And I did mention that he has a Criminal Defense Fund? Lord knows he’s feeling the fear because for those who I’ve been saying this too, Mayor Tom Barrett warned us!  He warned us to “hang on to your hats!” Did most of us Wisconsinites listen? Did we believe that notion? This is why I kept saying, I told you so!

Speaking of the recalls, we know that citizens of Wisconsin signed the petitions. But I read that some of the news media who work in the newsrooms signed the petitions also. Even though that they are not seen on camera or behind the desk, but maybe they had their rights to express their beliefs like everyone else. So yes, it was done.


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