Dear America:

Bascially by now, we’ve all been glueing to our TV’s and computers about the statuses of the Trayvon Martin tributes. It still hits home to most of us who have, or are around young African-American teens. The thing that kind of got to me was about that not everyone is a fan of this. That’s understandable. But I hear comments like: I get it. Trayvon Martin RIP in all. And I also hear comments like that should be a Florida issue. Not a other state issue. Especially a Milwaukee issue. It really kind of sickens me that we have this Aura of thinking that we shouldn’t be concerned at all. I for one have to be concerned. I kept thinking about the word BALANCE. Trayvon’s murder has sparked another example about having those talks about the epidemics of young black males being murdered. I can relate that when the summer comes in July, it will mark 10 years for one of my relative’s passing.

Do I still look at the funeral bulletin? Yes I do. Do I go to the grave site and reflect? Yes I do. Do I focus on what I have to do? Absolutely. I hope that ANY old school person who want to comment about life stuff more that has to understand that. What they and us have to realize that “without death, there can’t be life. ” If I caught anyone offguard by saying that, sorry. But in essence that is real talk. No matter how you splice it. It is.

The big argument about this was on this week. Now, I like listening to Blowradio, and hearing the comments of Homer Blow. But I have to add that with all the hoopla about Trayvon, he also talked about why we don’t ever investigate the Milwaukee murders of Yolanda “LaLa” Brown, JeTannue Clayborn, Jasmine Owens, the missing updates of Alexis Patterson, or many others. I think what he was emphasizing was we get behind the Trayvon Martin tributes, but ignore our own who has passed on. And I can hear like, why wasn’t the attackers of these weren’t caught in all? And he concluded, “that’s exactly my point.” By the way, Yolanda “La La” Brown was a local R&B Singer in Milwaukee that died at 21 in 2007.

Well you know what, I think it all goes back to all that STOP SNITCHING mess. Oh yeah, I’m going there! The stop snitching movement needs to be dead. It needs to be put in a casket and die! That is one of the main reasons I think that the murders like La La Brown and her boyfriend, JeTannue Clayborn, (aka Koo Laid) don’t get solved. I didn’t hear that nor see that on besides this. If those who stood behind the “Stop Snitching movement”, need to start snitching and get some answers. That is one of the things that is holding this back. Homer Blow, as good as he is, needs to understand that. I’m just saying.

So there is nothing wrong supporting a movement that doesn’t involve those locally. Maybe that movement can be supportive by initiating a call to action campaign by reeducating US about the use to get this movement going.

Technically we’ve been talking about it, BUT…..where is the result? I say DON’T STOP SNITCHING. For the Trayvon Martin case, I think his attacker, George Zimmerman will be sentenced. No question. I think the use of Hoodies will continue. And on a personal note, I wear hoodies alot and I don’t get those looks about being a dealer of violence. I think it’s upsurd an stupid. I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits go to jail for major stuff. Does Bernie Madoff ring a bell?



Stephen’s Spot

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