“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” – President Barack Obama

It’s been only a couple of days. And most of us are beginning to know Trayvon Martin. For those who are behind on the cliff notes, (no pun intended) this was the 17 year old kid in Florida that was killed by the 28-year-oldo George Zimmerman. Personally, this is a sad case of a young man losing his life. Everything from him being black and having a hoodie. The thing that gets me is that why would someone who “looked” suspicious gets killed? And was coming home with Sweet Tea and Skittles. And was talking to his female friend before he was shot? And what was George Zimmerman trying to prove? Just to go after someone like him that wasn’t a threat? There is no doubt that he will be charged and arrested. And just recently that he was expelled from Seminoe State College. Wow. What a waste of dethroning his education by taking out a black teenager. Sometimes, let’s be real: PEOPLE DON’T THINK!!!!

During the recent days, this news of Trayvon’s murder has sparked a debate of race.  Under his breath, the words (F-word and Coon) had added the fuel to the fire. And also, justice. More recently, the New Black Panther Party (which most in the Black Community don’t really follow much) would be on hand to do a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman with a price tag of $10,000 on his head. Yep, you read that right, the New Black Panther Party wants in.

This whole thing about Hoodies is so mystifying. I mean those who think that having a Hoodie on, has this appealing feeling of looking like the Grim Reaper. I have some hoodies in my wardrobe collection, and no, I don’t go out pretend that I’m out to get people violently. Geraldo Rivera commented on Fox News, (UH OH) that Trayvon’s Hoodie was the reason of his death.  Wait a second? Did he just say that? I’m like REALLY?! If that’s not bad enough, of all people Glenn Beck believed that Trayvon was the aggressor. Both Geraldo and Glenn need to “get the BLANK out of here!”  They don’t know jack! What was the reason of their points of view? Oh, never mind. Their right wingned theories are all messed up. I’m sorry. Maybe their respective beilefs should actually get the real sources from the stories instead of their ballistic view points. All this had reminded me of the baggy pants, the Cross Colours  that if you wear those, you would be a target – which was 90’s related.

Speaking of ballistic, my homestate of Wisconsin,  is on the debate watch concerning the Castle Doctrine Law, and having to do with Bo Morrison. He was shot to death in Slinger recently, and it has started to question before executing the action. Technically ever since this law was introduced, it had some mixed views. And still having mixed views. Usually, when you shoot someone, you get fined or go to jail. But in the issue of this law, you don’t – in terms on your property homes. This case is going on as usual, but I think the whole thing needs to be re-examined instead of running off with the .45 Revolver pistol at 2:00am.  It’s shameful that the life of Bo Morrison had to be extinguished at 20 years old over of those who thought was intruding or making a threat! Just my thought.

Am I outraged of this? I should be. I remember back in the 90’s (the 1990’s) that young black males are like the endangered species. You know that when something is on the endangered species list, it tends to be on a decline, mostly on the side of death.  I know that I’m one of those who sit in the community and shake my head like everyone else. Yes (GUILTY),  but I also educate myself because it’s time to be educated even more. I’m just saying!


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