“Cut the Commie crap, My grandchildren are going to church so they can go to heaven. End of story. Amen.”


I’m going to comment on the show that is getting somewhat funny but at the same time calling out. You may have seen it. GCB. It’s based on the book called Good Christian (Expletives). Now why I am commenting this? Some are believing that there is no such thing as people like this. I can hear the comments like, “Oh I was raised in church my whole life and never considered as a GCB”. Maybe that’s just you. But I will say this as a Christian, and I will not front on this: There are REAL GCB’s out there. I’ll bet not matter which christian, or denominational – christian based church out there, (yes, this includes mine of United Methodist) that there are some who politicize the members, the pastor, or vice versa. Oh yes! Maybe there are some who still have past grudges from past church incidents that they still hold onto from like – 1977 or 2001. I’m just saying. Yes, there are good christians who walk the walk and talk the talk. And there are those who” just talk “and no action.  I will say that there are those who hold back and don’t give. They might give in gossip, rumors, made up stories, incidents, or any other “ungodly” faction to make sure the church they served at the time fails and never have a chance to give it enhance the future. And I often wonder alot, I thought that church was supposed to be about the good folks helping out. But as I realized that like in the world, there are haters in the church as well.  What I am saying is real talk. That I am not apologizing for! Some of you might have encountered or recently advanced passed that.

Remember when Married…With Children came out in 1987, like 25 years ago. You young bloggers need to research it by the way. The show was progressing to have a moniker of “we are not the Cosbys”. And at times, my mother used to label that as “X-Rated”. It wasn’t that x-rated!  But you know what, years later, despite it all,  it is still one of the funniest shows that the Fox Network had ever done! And plus, there might be some families who do live or act like the Bundys. Not judging here.

I will admit that writing this may not be agreed with. But in fairness, there are real GCB’s out there. Speaking of the show, I will admit it does have it’s funny points in a Dallas setting. Matter it does have  funny points. From Big Hair Rollers, to mix in with scripture talk and real life. No, not laughing at the Almighty. That is out of bounds. But to call out those who think they know the walk and talk, while gossip, different story. Now there might be some cliques who would not admit of being a GCB after watching the shows. But for us who can relate, most definitely. Now for the record, I’m not going to label Dallas and say, where’s Amanda? That would be like them probably say, I’ve seen Richie Cunningham and The Fonz in Milwaukee! – Which by the way had it’s “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley” eras.

This show, it might have a chance to prove that those take it the wrong way might be one of those that have been described. But also it should also be a teachable moment to think and comment that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all, with the real meanings of the scriptures at hand.


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