Really, Milwaukee? A Fight on St. Patrick’s Day?!!!!

Posted: March 17, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local
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Milwaukee, it’s time to talk AGAIN!

I hope that those of us had the opportunity to view and celebrate the value of  St. Patrick’s Day. You probably had your Irish Jig, Kissing up the Blarney Stone, or had a chance to do something else. But what happened on Saturday NIGHT, was just a prime example of getting stupid. Many of us had to watch the video footage of the “St. Patrick’s Day Brawl on Water Street” via the news stations, and of course YouTube. – Did I mention that there were racist comments about African-Americans blowing up? I mean really, you see African-Americans fighting, post a video and every person regarding of race, gender or religion goes in and blast comments away. WOW! Espseically what most folks think about African-Americans in general! Let’s be real!  That itself has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day at all. That itself had nothing to do with dawning the green on the whole time and getting a party on. That itself had not a thing to do but just messing up a good time! Remember when our mothers used to say, “Don’t start nothing, so won’t be nothing?” Remember that growing up? I hope so!

I will say this though, I do have love for my African-American folks. Or Black folks. I do. But like Frederick Douglass, I have to rebuke the sins committed. Don’t forget, it’s still Lenten season, and I repent this! No, I don’t repent the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. I just repent the actions of being violent on St. Patrick’s Day. PERIOD!  Just I rebuke the actions of any race of people that act stupid and violent in the streets! And oh, the tag line of the freedom of expression talk and action have to be included. Well, let me tell you. Back in high school, I had a teacher that used to have a banner posted on the wall, by saying “Results Matter. Excuses Do Not!”  And by the way, this was in a Milwaukee High School Band Room, and it was Marshall just so you know.

Oh yeah, there will be more comments about the Black Community needs to get their act together.I sense this. But guess what, that’s nothing new. Just another item that has to be on the list to get or work on. I for one never had gone to a St. Patrick’s Day Water Street Celebration. Never had gone to one. I want my chance as much as going to Juneteenth years back. Just saying to be very very serious.


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