By now, the interview of the Houston family, has passed. And I think we all are still asking why so quick? For thirty days since Whitney’s Homegoing, I don’t think that it has been enough. Maybe some internally needed to get this out because maybe it’s the thing to do. We all have different reactions after death and some have to understand that. I don’t think that the interview conducted by Oprah wasn’t about ratings for her network. And plus, if those really the are skeptical about the “value” of her network, there is a way to back it up: support it! Enough of constant babbling!

Yes, the Houston Family’s heart is still wounded. Bobbi Kristina just turned 19 as we know last week and her mom is missed. There was a line I remember from Any Given Sunday in which the coach played by Al Pacino, talked about Life is a game of inches. He said in the movie “you know when you get old in life, things get taken from you. I mean thats apart of life. But you learn that when you start losing stuff.” We all are going to lose stuff. Even taken from us. I had to remember that line in which everyone one of my family members passes away or has passed on.

During that interview, I had to give Bobbi Kristina credit. She talked about her mother’s work and livelihood through music and also life. Even though she had 18 years in going through the lessons, but the result of it will indeed continue. She also says that the legacy will continue through acting, dance and singing. That remains to be seen. Don’t mean to quote Vince McMahon, but that is. Hopefully this new path for her and her family can indeed get the gears going and move forward.

How soon is too soon? Not soon. I’m not saying it was a right call. Sometimes you either get it out now, or hold it later. But in essence if this is a way to get them going again, then I respect that.


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