Last week in Milwaukee, there was a huge discussion about the issue of violence to the students of the Milwaukee Public Schools System. Even though that it’s one of those issues that no one doesn’t want to touch (ala businesses) but it is an issue that does effect those who are going to class, and working in the schools. Earlier this year in Milwaukee, there were  at least 8 killings occured around and after the first weekend of the New Year. Some of that, was harming the students. Knownlngly it’s a problem that not only in Milwaukee, but also occurs in different parts of the country.

Now the main question is: who’s responsible for some of these kids who are not clamping down the violence the most? If you say the parents, yes you’re right. If those parents who should have been using the responsibility juice to discipline their kids, (like hello) they would not be in the position of their existence now. I’m just saying. Yes, it’s boils to parental responsibility, or in this case like Bill Cosby would say, proper parenting. Now, I don’t have kids. Really, I don’t. But if I did, I would be on them like the old school way of their grades, who are they hanging out with, and etc. Like my parents did me. Admit it!

With all the talk with the parents, and schools trying to clamping this down. There was one group that didn’t get mentioned. I’m being forward about this: The Alumni Association. I belong to three Alumni Associations in the State of Wisconsin, and I want to know is what can the Alumni groups do to help the schools against violence? I’m being real as I say this. I see the colleges and Universities doing this. Last year, my University Alma Mater, the University of Wisconsin-Stout had a rally cry against discrimination on campus: Not Here, Not at Stout! Everyone who was pitched in supporting that, was not only the students, and teachers, but guess what: The Alumni Association was in full support as well. Did you hear me, the Alumni Association! Now what are the MPS Alumni Association members are doing? Are there programs being implemented? Well, my High School Alumni Association is thinking about having a Learner’s Program in conjunction with the school’s historic beginnings. And also adapting change in the culture. Even though that it’s not a requirement, but the key element is Change! Sort of like the United Methodist Church, and the ability to “Rethink Church” in term of goals, objectives and values. Sometimes it can’t be the same ol “well it was taught to me so I’m giving it to you in the same way.”

I know what you’re assuming: Most of today’s kids wouldn’t even go the route of what we went through. You’re right. But you have to find a new way. I mean for Marshall, it was about the school identity of the symbols of the colors and the Eagle, but however, in this day in age, it needs to be renewed for understanding .

But I’m asking those who went to Madison, Juneau, Tech, Vincent, King, Riverside, Pulaski, Reagan and many other Milwaukee High School Alums, what is YOUR Alumni Association doing to help the kids in the schools you went to, in curbing violence in the city?

Ponder that. Even though we went to rival schools but as “MPS Alums”, we need to seriously ponder right now!


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