I had to do some reflection yesterday. February 29th as we know was Leap Day, that extra day that comes every four years. Just like the Summer Olympics and the Presidential Campaign.

But as Black History Month was coming to a close for another year, and making preparations for Black Music Month for June, there are those who all through February had to ask this question of “why can’t we learn about this everyday? ” Or on Facebook recently about those posting the “on this day” stuff they should post it everyday.

My question is why are those who are whining and complaining and NOT SETTING THE EXAMPLE?!!!! 

What I’m saying is that those who keep asking the the same old questions are most likely hating or just wishful thinking. I’m not knocking everyone. Like me, I have my point of view like everyone else. But in retrospect, where is the someone who can set the tone and ACTUALLY show how to it’s done? The only people that I know that do this, are teachers who teach African American history, the African American Historical Societies of any kind, my church, and my family. Plus, any old-school person that is very knowledgeable or street-smart about Black History. That’s it.

But for those who don’t show it, and whine and complain, CRINGE, moan and groan will continue to troll like everyone else. I’m just saying. No matter what race you are. And yes this does include black folks! (Not all but some) So I feel that there better be a better example of a this. Am I venting? Not really. Just sick and tired of the whining of the so-called “why can’t we have black and history moments everyday”. Word to the globe: If you want to be talking Black History Month everyday, just remember to quote Scott Hall from his wrestling days: “Don’t sing it. Bring it! ” Or like The Rock – JUST BRING IT!



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