Dang! Warning to any Teen who “hate” their parents on Facebook and about that “Freedom of Speech” thing

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Editorial, Education, Life, News and politics, Technology
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***Warning: The video above contains graphic language not suitable for children and those might be offended. Be advised.***

Yes. I have to post this. For alot of you teens out there, you remember the quote from the Ten Commandments of “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother?” If not, talk to a Preacher or someone that knows it too well.

Now if you feel that posting stuff on Facebook about your Parents in a negative sense would make you feel good, THINK AGAIN! Now I know that I shouldn’t be posting things like this, but then again someone has to.

I’ll be honest. There were times that I disgreed with my parents in notes and stuff. And arguements. Towards the end, we’re still family. And just to say that if ONE of your parents were to die TODAY, and another dies another day, that’s it.

For those who like to go on YouTube and said that the daughter has the right of free speech? Let me give you teens advice, Freedom of Speech is also a responsibility! Plain and simple. A lot of you are probably good students making good grades in school. And having those “talks” about where you want to be in five years after 16 years old. And when you turn 18, guess what, your responsibilities in life goes UP!

For this, I will pray for the father of this video and the daughter mentioned. Hope that God can mend this fence together in peace and respect. Yeah, it’s probably a shock to you teens watching this saying that she’s only 15 in all. SO WHAT! Everyone in this world has to learn accountability! No matter what you do, and what you say.  If she had learned that, her laptop would have been not ended up in the way it went.

I’m Just Saying.


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