Dear America:

Let me begin by saying this. Happy Black History Month, 2012!

The infamous month of February is back in which this country, and others can begin to recoginze or to continue to keep in mind about the significant events, attachments, objectives, and purpose of my culture. Like most of you, or some of you I am blessed to recognize the sentimental value of the achievements. And it’s also a blessing. Now I begin to question those who somewhat hate this month, all because it’s dedicated to Black History. Just to remember that Black History itself is universal. It’s global. Not just dead centered on America. Those who whined and complained on all sides, those wanted to wish Black History Month dead are sadly mistaken. Others say that it’s full of propaganda, all made up stuff. Lot of those didn’t have the chance to read up on the idea of Black History Month, through the words of Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Now why him you ask? Well he was the one who started Black History Month in the first place!  His vision was to tell our stories. Our as in Blacks to tell our stories, comments, facts, figures and more. According to his story growing up, Dr. Woodson was hearing about the coal workers who working in the mines the south their stories.  Some were also Black Civil War Veterans. But here’s the thing: they never had their stories told. And the reason being that AMERICAN HISTORY NEVER picked it up!  So Dr. Carter Woodson during his college days decided to start talking about US! (Us Black folks) That week of February 12th was the start of Negro History Week, which later years became as we now know as Black History Month. The “Negro History Week” portion was set up by Dr. Woodson in honor of two men who had great significant  influences of African-Americans: Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Word to the haters: I keep hearing about all the “Black History Month thing should be part of American History” speeches. FALSE! Black History Month is part of WORLD HISTORY! For many centuries, those who have been guessing and asking who were the first of Math, Science, Architects? Black People. You heard me. Blacks. My race, my culture has done amazing things. And contrary, still making history.

From contributing to designing Washington DC, to inventing Bicycle Frames.

From Fiber Opitics to Super Soakers.

From becoming first in politics like senators to becoming President of the United States!

From famous Jazz Musicians like Duke Ellington to Rock Musicians like Living Colour.

From The Tuskegee Airmen to the Triple Nickels.

From Little Richard to Run DMC

From The Oprah Winfrey Show to Melissa Harris-Perry’s new show on MSNBC.

From Warren Moon to Michael Vick. – Including: Doug Williams, who became the first black NFL Quarterback to be a Superbowl Champion.

From Angela Davis to Erykah Badu.

From the Civil Rights Movement to the Million Man March.

From the first black Hip-Hop Record Manager of Sylvia Robinson to the Hip-Hop Mogul of Jay-Z.

From The Miseducaton of the Negro to Sister Citizen.

From the British Actors of  Delroy Lindo, and Thandie Newton to Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Idris Elba.

From fighting at the Boston Massacre of Crispus Attucks to sealing the end of the Iraq War of General Lloyd J Austin, III.

From the tennis achievements of Althea Gibson to the now dominate Williams Sisters of Venus and Serena.

From the poetry of Langston Hughes to the spit poetry of Def Jam Poetry.

From the first of sprints of Jesse Owens, to the lighting fast moves of Usain Bolt.

From the first servants, to the first black home owners.

From the championships of Joe Louis, to the championships of Evander Holyfield.

From the color barrier breaking of Jackie Robinson, to true home run king of Hank Aaron.

From the hardwood basketball stories of Nat Clifton, to rim rockers of Dwayne Wade.

From the gridiron days of Charles Follis to the now game players like Randall Cobb and Cam Newton.

From the Mason Fraternities  to the Divine 9 Black Greek Lettered Organizations.

From the first black organizations to the longetity of the black organizations.

From the Black Church founding during the American Revolution, to the Megachurches of the post 20th Century.

From the first channel of BET, to the first black video of Billie Jean on MTV. And to TVOne, OWN and Bounce TV.

From the era of Mahalia Jackson to the era of Willow Smith.

From “I Have A Dream” to “Yes We Can.”

From the first appearance of Whitney Houston to grace to the cover of Seventeen Magazine to Tyra Banks on the cover of SI’s Swimsuit Edition.

From Cissy Houston, to Dionne Warwick, to Whitney Houston to………..Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown.

From the Space Explorations of Guion Bluford, Jr and Dr. Mae Jemison to Dr. Benjamin Harris and Robert Satcher.

From the Soul Train Line of Don Cornelius to the “Dog Pound” of Arsenio Hall.

From the first of hockey appearance with Willie O’ Ree to the first Golf breakthrough of  Tiger Woods.

From the old Negro Spirituals to Kirk Frankin’s Stomp.

From the first black Oscar winner of  Hattie McDaniel to the break through of Oscar winners of Denzel Washington, MoNique, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Holiday, Jamie Foxx, Forrest Whittaker, and Halle Berry.

From an old school comic like Bill Cosby to the funny little man of Kevin Hart.

From the original African drum to electronic drum.

From the first African American pilot of Captain Dave Harris of American Airlines, to the first all African-American Female Crew of ASA Airlines Flight 5202.

From the first black Fighter Pilots of the Tuskegee Airmen, to the now fighter pilots like Major Shawna Kimbrell.

From the Dance of the Motherland of Africa, to the Dance of the Dougie. (Yeah I said it)

From the first black motorcycle riders of Harley-Davidson to the now story telling of the IronElite.

From Martin Luther King, Sr. to Martin Luther King, III.

From Malcolm X to Attalah Shabazz.

You know I can go on and on. Always this is infinity to the fullest.  What you just saw there was achievements from the things we know, to the things we have to do.  Now to those who want an American History Month. Stop dreaming! The only way I think that I believe that America will get an “American History Month” is if America needs to earn it! You heard that right.  America has to EARN IT!  And I know that there are skeptics who whine and complain about Black History events that are posted on Facebook and Social Media, and those who say “why don’t you post that everyday”. We like to, but there is one problem: Why don’t those who say that, BE THE EXAMPLE of doing it? I’m just saying. I have been using social media for about 6 or 7 plus years now. And those like to post stupid videos on YouTube saying that Black History Month is racist, and mimicking about Morgan Freeman saying that “I don’t want a Black History Month, I want a American History Month.” Um…… first of all AGAIN, I respect Morgan Freeman as an actor and humanitarian efforts, but he needs to realize (and those like him)  that if it haven’t been for those who helped him in his career and life from the start who maybe have been African-American related or whatever, HE wouldn’t be in the position where he’s at today! And that goes for those who look down upon Black History Month, no their Black History traditions, and any other Black History reflections period. That’s right I said it! So you can say that I’ve become an supporter of Black History Month. No, I’ve been a reborn supporter of it. Have been for quite sometime.

So with that, America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Isn’t this supposed to be country that one can express? That land of opportunity thing? So that should be counted to tell about my culture’s history and achivements overall? I’m just saying! Others are saying that let the Blacks have it. Hey we’ve been having it. Since 1926. And it will NOT stop! So give it up. It’s not going anywhere. Even everyday of the week.

Black History Month is NOT JUST American History. It’s REALLY part of and still is a staple of World History. As I used to say back in the 90’s: You better recognize!


Stephen’s Spot

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