I haven’t done a three way dance in a blog in a while, but I’m going to hit a triple play. All Milwaukee related. All Black Milwaukee Related. Yes, I’m still in my NFL Beastmode thing, but what I am about to write is my first ever triple threat of WordPress thoughts.

First: Today in Milwaukee,  our streetcar projects have been put on a new push to move forward. The Federal Transit Administration finally approved the green light to move the Milwaukee Streetcar based from the fact it was stalled for “environmental” issues. But after all of that, the project is still on. My reaction as usual was indeed GET IT DONE! Not in that notion, but still get it done! The fact of the matter is, I know that there are those who don’t want to see this happen all because it’s a….get ready for it. It’s a Boondongle. Government waste of spending. Get it out, Milwaukee conservatives, you know this. Speaking of being conservative, that I think is another reason why Milwaukee is falling behind. Just think about it. CONSERVATIVE ACTING CITIZENS. That’s one of the main reasons, besides ranked as the number 1 segregated city. I really wish these conservative thinkers need to get out of the bubble that folks here in city need jobs, a stable revenue, efficient opportunity to run per capita, and most of all, getting the city to push from the dark ages of the 20th Century into the now efficient of the 21st Century. I told those that boondongle talk will get them one day. Had to bring it out.

Second: I often write about the status of Milwaukee with the concern of black men not working. And since I am addressing this issue on WordPress, I thought I should share it up because, their might be some of your cities, towns, and I dare say countries are somewhat asking, “is this real?” Since in the last couple of years,  between 50% – 55% of African-American men haven’t been working or have been unemployed. This issue is staggering even for Black Milwaukee. I’ve said this many times, and many times it gets worse. This weekend, one of my Wisconsin State Representatives, Elizabeth Coggs will be hosting an event entitled “We will Stand with our Men” on Saturday, February 4th. Yes, the first Saturday in Black History Month. This gathering from what I’ve been reading about on Facebook, that the women of the community will lead the support of Milwaukee’s men of color to actively find and retain jobs in the Milwaukee area. And yes, the men are invited to support her cause.  Just to let you know that Elizabeth Coggs comes from a long line of politicians in her family. You may have heard of her cousins Spencer Coggs and Leon Young, Milele A. Coggs,  her parents Issac and Marcia Coggs,  and now her daughter Priscilla Coggs-Jones is now running for office for Milwaukee County’s 5th District.  And by the way, they’re all Democrats and African-American.

Now you’re wondering what is a person like Elizabeth Coggs doing this for? What’s the purpose of it?  Or here’s a lame question: Why should I care?! Well if you’re passionate about something in your community, you go after it. Kind of like Ed Schultz last year when he came here to Wisconsin in protest against Scott Walker and his collective bargaining rights being stripped of union workers. And to Ohio and other states in support of the Middle Class Families. Look here, she’s passionate. Not just because she’s a State Reprenstative, but check this, she was born here! This is her home. And this issue like having the 50% of the African-American Men in Milwaukee is concern that most politicians should pay attention too. Will I’ll be in attendance in support of her? Yes. Not because I’m a African-American Male, but as a citizen of this city and state, I’m in support to have a switch to help change the status of Milwaukee’s ultimate problem for its Black Citizens. I’m only one person, but the fact of the matter is, it’s going to take a team effort to back up.

Finally there was Real Talk coming from one of my Milwaukee columnist, Mikel Holt. He wrote on Facebook that Mayor Tom Barrett is not very happy with him about a comment he made on Sunday Insight, which is a Sunday Morning show with WTMJ Radio Host Charlie Sykes. By the way, Charlie is a huge Scott Walker supporter and conservative hack like James T. Harris. (****rolling eyes and shaking head****) Anyway he wrote this comment on his Facebook page :

“I hear the mayor is pissed at me for my comments on this morning’s Sunday Insight…several Black politicians are upset as well…Well, I can’t retract…If you didn’t catch it, I said in the heat of the moment that we’re not getting better under the mayor’s watch, or with the current crop of black politicians. Black unemployment, poverty and the high school drop out rate (mortgage rejection, infant mortality and gap between white and Black income) increased by 10% in the last eight years. Yeah, I said it, and I said the mayor hasn’t done enough. Yeah, I like him, everybody does…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go to bed hungry and smile about it. Black children are dying, 55.8% of their daddies are unemployed, and 70% of their mommas living in poverty. If it aint’ on the mayor’s shoulder–and Black politicians–who is to blame?”

Well, after reading this, and by the way, I haven’t commented on the post as of yet. But I can say from this stand point that even though the he likes the Mayor, but there is a sense of responsibility that must be surfaced. And of course that he’s being vocal about it. Frederick Douglass wrote that “A true Patriot, is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins.”  Does that sound familiar? It should. This same example that I witnessed, commented, and wrote about in my past blogs. Even on those MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs. Oh yeah I did. But those who thought Blacks are lazy on the old MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs in all, I’m going to say it: they didn’t understand it! Or some. Maybe if they didn’t have the chance to be so conservative in all…..OK I assume they get it. Even though it’s been about 4 of 5 years. But the talk continues. Even in 2012. Now you’re assuming that it’s a political year and it’s a year to keep or remove in a big time fashion. I know. But stuff likes this really needs to be addressed and those make the mess or not paying attention, really need to pay attention though those affected. And those who left Milwaukee need to chime in for reference. Even those that left Milwaukee, they are still citizens at heart hoping those of us here can continue to find that chink in the armor.  And citizens like Mikel Holt and State Representative Elizabeth Coggs have got the ball restarted again. But this time, it’s no time for fake talk. No time to be trapped in the conservative bubble and assume it’s all “smoke and mirrors”. But a time to get into action.

Overall, Milwaukee is still a prideful city. However the problems of blacks unemployed, poverty levels and all are the armor of problems that need to be addressed and resolved NOW! If not now, when?


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