My Take: The State of Union Address of 2012 and a Milwaukee Shoutout

Posted: January 27, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics, Reflections

If anyone took the time to view the State of the Union address, I would agree that most of what the President had to say was really on point. It was on point because to me it outlined what he did and what the country could do for the next timeframe.  But the thing that got me the most, was when the President mentioned the company MasterLock. If you don’t know where MasterLock is, I’ll give you a hint or hints: It’s in the same city where Beer was made. The same city where you hear mostly two wheeled engine vehicles. And it’s by Lake Michigan. The answer, my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. The same Milwaukee that I talk mostly about unemployment, being behind, and etc. But last night, during the State of the Union Address, I’m glad that MasterLock was in the house! MasterLock as everyone knows is the company that makes the padlocks, chain locks, and other types of locks to secure our bikes, lockers, gates, and several other items. Since 1921.  By the way, some of you probably have padlocks with “Master” on them right now. Just to let you know, WordPress viewers that MasterLock is an American product. But mostly, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Born Product! So those need to recognize the thought!  Or just go to or their Facebook page to give them a shoutout for support. Or Jobs!

Other points in the speech I felt were needy was the maintaining of the car industry. Look here, I’m a GM kind of guy. And the thing is I’m happy that the company is still afloat during “the almost close in your face collapse thing.” Now, I read and heard that there are those on the other side that they want the company to collapse? Really?! I’m surprised. Just another example of un-american in my view.  And also, the reality of jobs. Show of hands: how many of you have or had family worked or work for GM? Say AMEN!

Another point in the speech, I’m pleased that the president did mention about infrastructural construction assignments that need to go forward, instead of them being cut with red tape. When I heard him said that, I think that those on the right, specifically Scott Walker should have been paying attention because I thought about Talgo and the High Speed Rail projects. It was immoral and stupid of him throwing away a chance of getting an opportunity. Nevermind the so-called questions about “where is cash coming from comments”. There are those in that part of Milwaukee’s Neighborhood need a job! Period. All is left right now, is a maintenance base, and most of the company will pull out this year. Why? Because of the politics of Wisconsin 2010. Google the article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Talgo will pull out in 2012”. My comment: SAD!

Finally during the speech and at the beginning, the president talked about the military. Ranging from taking out Bin Laden to getting through the mission! I liked that fact the Seal Team was mentioned. No question. I liked the embodiement of our military that he said that teamwork is best productive thought. It wasn’t about individualism. It was about putting together a group of people that was for a common cause. Nevermind their beliefs of being Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, or either if they were Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim or whatever. They were (in the words of others) Americans. By the way, shout out to the Seal Team 6. I am a fan.

The blueprint of the President’s speech I think was on point. Oh, yeah there’s alot of remarks coming from the Republicans, and the group I can’t stand: The Tea Party. Just saying.


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