OK Here it is: My confession, my comment on the Packers and Badgers 2011-2012 seasons

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Editorial, Games, Organizations, Reflections, Sports
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You have been waiting for it for days, and weeks. But here it is. I have finally come out of the sphere and to tell those interested my comments of both the Green Bay Packers, and the Wisconsin Badgers Football teams. But before you comment, and those will comment, I’m speaking my observers perspective. First for the Packers. The Packers to me had one of the best seasons in all of football. I do have some friends on Facebook who likes to call them “slackers”. Technically they have to respect the organization. The haters overall, need to respect the organization that has won 13 NFL Championships. And yes the team was 15-1 in the regular season. Most of that came from Aaron Rodgers who I think would be this years MVP. Also, what about that Matt Flynn? Throwing 6 touchdowns against the Detroit Lions in the final game of the season. They also showed the Bears who’s boss (4 times). No offense Bears, but dang! And the opening kickoff against the Saints and others. But one loss to the Chiefs, we know. Brett Favre once said that one loss does mean the season is over. It’s just to say that there is more football to be proven. Technically when I look it, I don’t go by the whole losses, nor the wins, I look at the whole thing. Including the NFC Championship Game. Yes, New York Giants. Or G-Men as you like to call yourselves. You been there once and twice, and you won those games in Lambeau Field. OK. I’ll admit, the Giants came in with so-called revenge factor into Lambeau with baby-brother Eli at QB and outplayed “the original GPack”. Nice game. Yes, I should be dissapointed in Jermichael Finley or Greg Jennings of NOT CATCHING THE BALL. Or John Kuhn fumbling the ball, which was his first time. Or the Defense not pass rushing. No, I’m not crying about it. They know. And further more, I’m not crying like the chick who forgot to put her sparkles on her fingernails.  And unlike the San Francisco 49ers fans who want Kyle Williams dead? I don’t go that far. If I’m going to talk smack about lets say……… Charles Woodson. I’m going to talk smack about him. But I am not going to go postal on Twitter to demand himself, his family to be in a body bag. No way. Matter of fact, you SF 49ers fans better be careful what you wish for. Rumor has it that you wanted the NY Giants more than the Packers. Well, we know how that went. I’m just saying to be real. But I have to look this as if I were looking at the Final Exam. I take a look at everything and give the benefit of the doubt. I’m giving the Packers the benefit of the doubt that they had a good season. Period. Yes, I’m being a true cheesehead in truth. Oh, I do have a cheesehead, by the way. They had a good season. I’m not a spoiled intense fan. I’m just glad that I was able to see the games, and look at the games on my Android Smartphone. Plain and simple. Now the Packers have to be like the other teams that has to wait until next season and start again. Or in this case, getting the belt back. So in regardless who wins the SuperBowl, either the Giants or Patriots, that one team holding the Lombardi is a target.

Now, for the Badgers. The 11-2 Badgers. Another team in Wisconsin that had a good season. But fell flat against Oregon. I will admit, Russell Wilson will be a standout in the NFL. And Montee Ball will be in his last blast in a Badgers uniform. And many others will be returning as well. To me, yes the Wisconsin Badgers should have hanged against Oregon in the Rose Bowl. But knowing the Ducks, they can play. We know it. Yes, the Futuristic Team had plays that remind me of down south Football. But after seen what they did to Wisconsin, do the Badgers need to change up the way they play? I’m just asking. I liked the Badgers since Barry Alvarez won their first Rose Bowl since 1994 and have been hooked on since. Yeah, I know that Bret Bielema is still looking for “his Rose Bowl”. But it’s not going to simple when Barry got his 3.  On the filp side, the Badgers had a good season and plus winning both the first ever Leaders Division and Big Ten Championships. I have sample what my local news reporter Ted Perry once said to all of the future contenders for the Big Ten Championships: “GOOD LUCK!” The classic between Michigan State and Wisconsin will be no doubt one of the greatest ever.

Last year, I wrote that the State of Wisconsin Atmosphere was “Night and Day”. Now it’s barely daybreak. But you’re probably, saying that I heard that Wisconsin has Miss America. A first for the state since 1973. Yeah, yeah, yeah,  I know. And I’m proud to see that.

Happy? Good!  End of confession.


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