15th Letter to Wisconsinites: I TOLD YOU SO!

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics
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Well Wisconsin, I think the words “I told you” so really comes into the brain. No, I’m not talking about the Badgers and Packers seasons, but they will be in my next blog. Look for it.

However, today, just today it was announced that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board will be receiving the results of all 3,000 pounds of recall signatures in order to recall Scott Walker.  It was also today that the Rookie Governor decided to go to New York for a function. Since last year, there were alot of “angry badgers” who took to the streets, the internet, papers, and also the weather elements abroad, to get the boots on the ground thing going to get a chance to bust open Scott Walker’s policies. Oh yes, there are going to be detractors who in their words would say that it was a waste of government spending, tax payers money, and yada, yada, yada. But the fact of the matter is voices, since November 15th had been heard, and have been written down on recall petitions. For the record, yes America I was one of the individuals who did indeed signed my name to add on in order to recall the Goverenor. I did it for a reason of no confidence.  That was the main reason. No Confidence. I had no confidence at all in the Walker Adminstration. No confidence in Rebecca Kleefich. No Confidence in his association. No confidence in the majority. And MOST OF ALL: no confidence in Scott Walker! Lots of you are asking so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is the fact that there was lots of concerns coming from both sides of the ball. We know the Democratic side. But guess what, the Republcian side a little had some concerns too. Yes! I said that. Even the fans of the right had to feel the heat of truth by this. And I’ll bet that those on the right who voted for Walker probably put their john hancocks on paper for recall petitions as well.

Of course again, there are talks about “Mickey Mouse”,  and “Adolf Hitler”. Really?! Of course there were individuals who stuck up middle fingers, and fists towards those who oppose the thought of getting this far. Guess what? If you were one of those people I have news for you: You’re the ones that most were talking about! I think you’re the ones that wanted to carry those so-called Tea Party Flags and wanted Walker to “obey the will of the voters”. This also goes for those who think having High Speed Rail is a boondongle, or Collective Barganing means bad news to strip away from. And even to have the Wisconsin 14 to think about “country before party”. But those on the outside who were looking at this and saying “what is Wisconsin doing now with all of this?” It even brought out Ed Schultz!

The “angry badgers” and also the “angry cheesehead packers” were on the same route for one thing: dethrone Scott Walker. To those in America, you have read and seen what democracy looked like for the first time in history of Wisconsin. One thing about “angry badgers” or “angry packer cheesehead workers” they may play at Lambeau or Camp Randall, but when it comes to real concerns about how the state got all of this developed for american rights, it is not a game. We Wisconsintes are on the same team when it came to this. We may be from Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Superior, LaCrosse, and even my hometown of Milwaukee, (no the Fonz doesn’t live there) now the Walker folks and the Walker fans MUST listen to the people, who took the time to sign their names, and also listing 1,000,000,000 reasons to do so. Word is that if the recall election were to be held, it most likely would take place during the summer around June.

If this did woke up Wisconsin in a huge way. It did. See, I told you so!

Just today, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board had installed a webcam in their offices for the scanning of the recall lists. You can view it 24/7 by going to: http://www.gab.wi.gov


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