Jeez, America it’s just a name – Blue Ivy!

Posted: January 17, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Entertainment, Music, National

I’ll say this a Samaritan: Welcome to the world, Blue Ivy Carter!

The child of Jay-Z and Beyonce has been in the world for a couple of days, already on the billboard thanks to her dad, and already folks are just fed up all because of a child. Look here America, this isn’t YOUR child. And some are questioning about the naming of the child. There are those who are asking who names their child “Blue Ivy?” Who names their child Ivy? Let’s look at the word Ivy: Ivy is a name. It can be a name for a female, besides a plant, or vines. So technically it’s a name. I’ve seen people who have the name Ivy and I hear it all the time.

But seriously folks, why the uproar? It’s a blessing from God that this child is born. Even though it’s born under the Capricorn/Chinese Water Dragon signs but hey the child is here. And I hope that Blue Ivy Carter has a good life and good upbringings. But yes there are naysayers out there who will always say, “Oh that’s Jay-Z’s baby thinks like her mom and trying to be all that”.  So what’s your point? Many of us who bring children into this world, or those who welcome them, we always want the best out of them as they grow. But along the way, there will be “haters”. And auntie Solange is mad at the detractors concerning her niece. I mean why shouldn’t she be?


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