Say goodbye to 2011, the year in which we started out with an unknown of Ted Williams. The Wisconsin Football scene had is shares of Night and Day, The state of Wisconsin had it’s collective bargaining rights stripped unceremoniously, a news about blacks starting a scene at Wisconsin State Fair and having the folks having a fit, plus it was also a year that had seen great expectations, even EXECUTIVE ORDERS and a trial ended without getting more into the truth. But whatever it was, 2011 was a strange year to start, but a fair year to end.

For the Good:

  • The Green Bay Packers win Superbowl 45. Need I say more? Oh and having the game between them and the Chicago Bears going into the NFC Championship game was clearly a classic. Plus,going through the teams of the Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons were definite classic match ups.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers – Won the NL Central Division Championship and having Nyjer Morgan using beastmode and the “AHHHHHHH! Gotta Go” stuff. Finally, the Brewers have some attitude to win. Talk about some Strange Brew of Confidence. And promises were promises.
  • “The Wisconsin Whirlwind” – Badgers, Packers and Brewers all winning in one weekend.
  • The Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA Championship.
  • After 21 Years, The Time is now The Original 7ven. Henceforth, #Trendin is good song, as well as Sick.
  • Nintendo has something here with the WiiU.
  • impresses me! Finally some Real Talk that most can relate to other than Real Milwaukee.
  • Kudos to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel unveiling Tap Milwaukee. Now listen to that local music. Especially Hip-Hop.
  • Mary J. Blige, Joss Stone, Kelly Rowland, Beastie Boys, Raphael Saadiq,  Jill Scott, The Roots, Mint Condition, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z/Kanye – in my view, All scored with their CD’s.
  • The Space Program ends the Shuttle era. Nothing wrong with that.
  • The Green Bay Chill – made their openings well even for a Lingerie Football Team.
  • Randall Cobb made a good impression for the Green Bay Packers. Not bad for the first 1990’s born NFL Player.
  • African World Festival made it’s second straight year for one day.
  • Keith Olbermann is back – On Current TV.
  • Ed Schultz moves to the 7pm time slot.
  • Rev. Al Sharpton and PoliticsNation.
  • Ted Williams – this man was clearly undiscovered, but his faith in the spotlight had his back.
  • Wisconsin Badgers acquired Russell Wilson. He’ll be a great ball player in the NFL, and led to the first ever wins in the Leaders and Big Ten Championships.
  • Transformers 3 was a hit. Even for Milwaukee.
  • AT&T has reached the Android Universe with Prepaid Smartphones. Thank you!
  • Chris Abele became the new Milwaukee County Executive.
  • The Martin Luther King Memorial is now complete and it’s available in Washington DC. Thank the sponsors and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.
  • In the Wisconsin Senate Recalls, it was Jennifer Shilling and Jessica King making the Democrats the “Wisconsin 16”.
  • The Wisconsin 14 made a house hold name, all backing up the people of Wisconsin. Not the so-called taxpayers or businesslike folks who think they are getting a hand out. And guess what?  The only guy who covered it from the start was Ed Schultz.
  • My Milwaukee  high school alma mater, John Marshall High School is now in the golden age at 50. And as an alum, I helped out with Proclamations, Advertisements, Donations and of course getting the word out. And let me say that despite of the “cynics”, the event was a success and not hateful.
  • Bill Maher still rules.
  • Championship Belts have Reached Wisconsin. Both Packers and Brewers.
  • The Troops are home. Thank you Mr. President!
  • Oprah’s show ends after 25 years. Those didn’t like it, don’t front!
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show is a hit. Not bad for a British Talk Show host.
  • The President busts out the Executive Orders for the first time.
  • The White House website unveiled “We The People”. Now they can see what we want to talk about. Which led the questions of Reducing Student Loan Debts.
  • Our Military. Not only for taking care of business of Osama Bin Laden, but just overall doing their thing.
  • “Don’t be a bully, be a star” – Thank the WWE for that.
  • Wisconsin had it share of “WWE love” AFTER the Superbowl. Monday Night Raw in Milwaukee, and Friday Night Smackdown in the real Titletown! And it involved Title Belts.

For me – My “Highlights” of the year:

I had a chance to visit not one but two groups of the Black Greeks. I visited the meetings of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and also Phi Beta Sigma in the state of Wisconsin. Both groups really impressed me with their meetings of what they stand for, and having the ability to recruit. I will say that this had my interest and I’m making a vow to be apart of the Divine 9. One other fraternity I am thinking about going to hear is the one that doesn’t get much talk about, but they are out there, I’m talking about the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity.

I visited the Rethink Church Workshop this year in Racine, Wisconsin to discuss and hear about what can be done to increase membership, fresh ideas, and also advertising for the United Methodist Church. One thing I do remember that my church especially has to “establish a sense of urgency”.

In reference to John Marshall (again), I was on hand for the 50th Anniversary activities of getting proclaimations, donations and making ads for the school’s newspaper. Plus, I had to be “vocal” to those who thought the school was closing up on this blog! And plus it was proven point that one of Milwaukee’s Iconic Schools is not fading out, despite of the changes, including the name of  “Samuel Morse – John Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented.”

MATC  in Milwaukee is about to be 100 next year, but it kicked off this year.

I had a chance to meet well known John Marshall Alums of Barbara Duffy and John Fricke in the same year.  Plus getting a autograph from a Superbowl Champion which is John Kuhn. And meeting the Milwaukee Alderman groups, State Representatives like Jason Fields, and seeing one of the Wisconsin 14 in person, which was Spencer Coggs. Plus, I received some “I didn’t know that” news about being in someone’s eye for a catch. YES it’s the God’s honest truth!

The Bad:

  • The Administration of Scott Walker. I’m sorry. No confidence. Time for the recalls.
  • Glenn who????? Oh Glenn Beck is no more on TV.
  • Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul – come on!
  • The Christmas Commercial of the Rookie Governor Scott Walker and wife Tonette, was really, REALLY CHEESY! Dislike!
  • Jim Sensenbrenner is a fool saying that Michelle Obama has a big butt. Really Jim? Don’t get Recalled!
  • The Casey Anthony Trial.
  • Herman Cain. Dude had no chance. No chance! I told you so!
  • Tommy Thompson wants to be a US Senator. Not again for politics, Tommy! Stay Retired!
  • The 112th Congress:  All they wanted to do is to get Obama out of office in his first term. Really? And look where they at? Major disapprovals. And where’s the Tea Party? Right there with them.
  • The Wisconsin State Fair had fights near the midway.  No need to comment.
  • Why do (and still some)  Black Women, who have various degrees (not all but some) still can’t find a man? Wait a minute, this was last year! Come on Black Women! Read my blogs!
  • Wisconsin became the 49th State to have Concealed Carry Weapon Law in effect, as well as the Castle Doctrine, and now anyone, Renters have to pay ahead of time before moving to apartments?! And still, I’m looking for a Bulletproof vest.
  • Kobe Bryant is now a divorced man. Dang! And Vanessa is getting half.
  • Voter ID  = more racism. Sorry America.  It is. Wisconsin picked it up.
  • Penn State. DANG!
  • The LA Times tells us Wisconsinites not to Recall Scott Walker. Ummm, California: We will. What’s the problem? Have you checked the sigs lately?
  • On the list of segregated cities, Milwaukee still tops the list. And there are those in Milwaukee still thinks it’s all “smoke and mirrors”. Really?! Check yourself, brew city, and outline areas!
  • Wisconsin losses more than 11,000+ jobs. And how many did Scott Walker promised? Not gonna happen!
  • The NFL and NBA go through Labor agreements. Lockouts.
  • Real Milwaukee is a good show, but…………..I think it is losing it’s realness. Yep, I went there!
  • The Wisconsin Badgers lost the Rose Bowl. Before Russell Wilson.
  • Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Lots of blaming the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin. Politics aside, that was “utter nonsense.”
  • Collective Bargaining Ends in Wisconsin. As if it was hitting the dinner table. Stupid.
  • Barbara Walters had declared the Kardashians having no talent. Dang!
  • Kim Kardashian weds Kris Humpries for 72 days. SMH!
  • Troy Davis get executed and there are those who blamed Obama. For real reasons, the president couldn’t get that stopped, since the case was on the State Level. Not a Federal Level! And I’m being blasted on WP for my factoid opinion? Really? Oh wait until 2012!

The Downright Ugly and Stupid!

  • It was inappropriate for those who use Facebook, and making announcements statements like this: “Another Facebook User is about to be deleted!I hate to warn EVERY Facebook user that statement: yes, you have the right to choose, but then again, “judgment” is another factor. You may delete NOW, but at the end of the day, would you add back LATER? Folks shouldn’t make a statement like this publicly. What would that say about you? Just saying! Are we being well let’s say……..”picky?” It’s not an announcement. It’s begging for a reaction. Careful, it may backfire! Just so remember that the person you deleted may not invite you to their family’s funeral, graduation, party, appreciation day celebration,etc. Do you hear me now?!  The words, “a spade is a spade” rings a bell. Be careful who you delete because that “Facebook friend” maybe and could have been a valuable source you will need anyway. Oh, to those who hate these words to say: I’m Just Saying!; And don’t get me started on those who use Facebook as a vehicle of hate. Including responding to Facebook ads on school alumni sites telling folks to go away and claiming to be servants.
  • Why do those in congress and everywhere else didn’t credit Obama enough for taking out Bin Laden?
  • Donald Trump and Obama’s Birth Certificate. Really Stupid. Get over it Birthers!
  • Ryan Braun and PED’s. Really?!
  • Speaking of Facebook and it’s inappropriateness at times, what is up with all these Cheesecake Factories links, and Southwest Airlines? Ummm….. it is a scam. Sorry.
  • Those that declare famous folks on twitter dead and gone, oh please find a life!
  • Why do drivers sometimes get offended when they signal to you to flash your highbeams and you get the finger? Only in Wisconsin you see that nonsense and ignorance! – STUPID! Had that happen to me this year. In 2012 and beyond, I’m fighting back with pictures and making a Wisconsin Bad Drivers of Shame Wall.  I’m Serious. LP’s and Car makes will be provided.
  • The youth messing up at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, at the start of the year. Really that was real stupid. And I beg to ask: where are the parents?
  • Bishop Eddie Long. No Comment. He knows his sins.
  • Ndamkong Suh of the Detroit Lions. I mean dang, is he really that dirty?
  • How come those, particularly in church congregations at times, fear “change?” – And get upset about it?
  • Why do some folks think that displaying Merry X-mas is a bad thing? There, I asked it!
  • Ticketmaster messing up. Time for a investigation.
  • The Green Bay Packers (according to some sources) were declared as being a socialist organization. Yeah right! Laughable.

Time for Word association:

      • Real Talk, Utter Nonsense, Borderline Nonsense, Excessive Celebration, Rethink Church, Golden Anniversary, Beastmode, The Keg, Collective Bargaining Rights, Job Creators, #Occupy Wall Street, Seal Team6, Geronimo, Recall Scott Walker, Rebuild The Dream,  Stand With Wisconsin, American Autumn,  Muommar Qaddafi dies, Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Bang Bang Play, Just Saying, Google It, #Trendin , Condensate, Going HAM, Karma, Motivation.

To those that were gone home in 2011:

Steve Jobs

Harry Morgan

Christopher Hitchens

Patrice O’Neal

Joe Fraizer

Andy Rooney

Al Davis

Arch West

Bubba Smith

Amy Winehouse

Betty Ford

Peter Falk

Jack Kevorkian

“Macho Man” Randy Savage


Jackie Cooper

Elizabeth Taylor

Loleatta Holloway

Nick Ashford

Michael Gough

Jack LaLanne

Heavy D

Clarence Clemons

Gil-Scott Heron

DJ Megatron

Nate Dogg

Sylvia Robinson

I also want to remember those in the Milwaukee area that has passed on:

Sonina Williams

Randolph Ross III



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