I know what you’re thinking. What is it going to take for me to stop writing this stuff to Wisconsinites, I told you so, and get this, I’m not from Wisconsin, and I really don’t care about this blog? Well, I can’t please anyone. Nor I can’t please the average reader. But there one thing I can please, is an act of opinion! The year of 2011 has been dominant in the Badger State from Wisconsin Badgers Rose Bowl Loss, to the Green Bay Packers Winning the SuperBowl, and even the Milwaukee Brewers going far to get the NL Central Division Championship. But those are sports. But now, it’s once again turned to politics. And just today, there are 507,000+ signatures signed to recall the rookie governor Scott Walker. Now you’re saying that that is news in Wisconsin? To those who are Firefighters, Police, Nurses, Union Members in all, YES! This is news. To those who are asking, what is the real reason why those of the 507,000+ individuals are putting their names on the sheets of paper to file against a guy that those don’t agree with? Is it shoes? Is it funny math? Or they just don’t like the guy all because he wanted to strip collective bargaing, tell the High Speed Rail folks no, put a law to make concealed weapons legal, and many other things that will make the middle class look hysterical, including tapping into pensions that most folks in Wisconsin worked hard for! The same kind of stuff that he was doing when he was (once again) was Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years.  Well let me you America, I am a Wisconsinite born and raised since December 5th of 1976, and I know that I only list a few things instead of 507,000 things. But if you are assuming that yes, I did signed my name on the recall list back in November when it was starting out. And you’re probably asking why. Well, I can give you a list a reasons why I think Governor Scott Walker and Rebeeca Kleefisch are under my “No Confidence of the Year” of 2011:

1) Jobs – As we know,  Walker ran a campaign that by the end of his term, he wanted to have 250,000 jobs.  Well according to resources as of now, the state of Wisconsin lost approximately from 9,700 jobs to 11,000+ jobs. Looks like that 250,000 will not happen. Additional, part of that went to Illinois where they gained more than Wisconsin. Remember when Walker killed the High Speed Rail and guys like (of all people) Robin Vos accused it to be a “boondogle” or “government waste of spending”? I know there are some who are remembering this. Those Talgo jobs the ones that Walker chased away should have (SHOULD HAVE) been here in state, in the area of Milwaukee where it’s mostly needed. I used to go to church near the 27th and Townsend Streets area, where at one time, African-Americans had a decent housing, and yes cars back then were ALOT affordable! The only reason why Talgo is pulling out in 2012 is all because of the over the top bull politics of not trying anything new. It’s a shame that a state like Wisconsin can’t move forward only because it’s afraid to do it! I dare anyone from the right wing maniacs to step up and prove me wrong that Wisconsin can afford jobs like this without raising taxes and such. And it’s a double shame that Wisconsin leads the nation in job losses.

2) Voter ID – I see where this is going. Going against those who are African-Americans, the working poor, College Students, those who do fear about having things stripped of dignity. Also some have paled in comparison with racism. I find this (as a registered voter) very disturbing. So you mean to tell me that the next time I’ll be at the polls, I have to whip out my driver’s licence in all? All because I am voting for someone who say is a “democrat”?  Again, that is “the but” of everything. I do understand that voter fraud is alive in America in all, but to have the ID thing displayed to those who want to vote up because of my race  is just really stupid. It’s like another form of slavery in my view.  Even Eric Holder believes that it hurts minorities.

3) Teachers/Unions/Collective Bargaining Rights/Pensions – For those that don’t’ know, I come from a family of educators. Make that Milwaukee Public Schools Educators. That’s right, I am a MPS Alum. I was well coached ranging from Teachers, Recreational Directors, Assistant Principals, etc.  Yes, I know that without education in general, there wouldn’t be a job applying. Period. I have heard from those who were teaching in Milwaukee about their pensions being attacked. All because of one thing that most believe that it should be decreased to get when approching the retirement age. Now since that, another ploy by Walker just trying to get to those in my opinion wanted to get more money. We all know about collective bargaining and unions. Don’t forget that Wisconsin started the unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, pensions, vacations, and most of all, having a weekend to relax and enjoy. But……..when Walker came calling in all it’s just another to pick off those who most thought getting more. For those who thought that teachers are getting overpaid in all, I have news for you. I am a son of a Public School Teacher and from my understanding, teachers are in the struggle as just as everyone else. So just because, let’s say someone sitting behind a cubical at work, trying to become that next Rockefeller,  or working in the boss’s office as a executive yesman (that’s right I said it!) doesn’t make them better than everyone. As a Sagittarirus, I am bringing the truth! And plus, since I’m bringing my religious affiliation to this, the United Methodist Church does believe in collective bargaining rights for all. Just to be clear! Even the Wisconsin 14 laid down their partyline down just to help state! And  just as to add, Education is being cut in Wisconsin and the state leads that, which is really stupid.

4) Concealed Carry Weapons Law – Oh, let the guns come out! I know that this year, there were lots of folks in Wisconsin who feel that having a pistol around makes them look powerful. Well, foolish is one word, in my opinion. When November 1st came, I thought about going out to a store somewhere and getting that bulletproof vest only because I don’t want get my life ended over because I well look strange, and having my skin color of black  to be a subject. Don’t get me wrong, the right to bear arms is in our constitution and it’s a right, but however I am beginning to ask: what if it backfires? I’m being serious. And will this gun or rifle save your soul?

So I need to say that these are a few things that I think that Governor Walker is getting my vote of “No Confidence”. And that goes double for Rebecca Kleeficsh. They talk about that “Wisconsin is open for business”. If that’s the case, then why does it seem to be closing up shop for new opportunities? Now I know there are alot of Doyle haters out there who have their say. But look, this isn’t about Jim Doyle anymore. Yes, I will admit that Jim Doyle at times did his job and made some bad decisions to have low approval ratings. But I ask those who likes Walker, the Koch Brothers, and those who have that “Tea Party Mentality” why didn’t you recall Doyle? I’m just saying.

So Wisconsin, I told you so! And I have three words for Scott Walker, Rebeeca Kleefisch, those in the Wisconsin GOP, the Wisconsin Tea Party, and those like them: SORRY, NO CONFIDENCE! (**Thumbs down**)


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