It’s been a year, but Wisconsin should have kept the Rail Cash.

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics, Reflections
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Dear Wisconsin:

Remember last year when the then soon to be Governor Walker didn’t want to the High Speed Rail money nor the high speed rail to run between Madison and Milwaukee? Remember all of that? Now it comes to part after a year later, the now Rookie Governor made a terrible mistake by NOT accepting the rail money to build the High Speed Rail. Matter of fact, he should of left it alone. But no, thanks to his backwards thinking, and that talk about run away government spending, the State of Wisconsin will foot the bill of more than 84 Million Dollars  for years to come. Plus more.

Really Wisconsinites? Are we that short sighted? Other states have told us, even the states that bet against us that this should have been kept to invest here! Now after all of this, and I still need the Right Wing Manics to ask this: What about the jobs? Since then, the rail cash has dissapeard to other states like Illinois and California and yes, we had to get laughed at like educational dropouts without any reason to drop out. And I thought the Collective Barganing Rights elimination thing was just as bad.

Lots of you are probably asking why this? “Oh we made our decision by not taking the rail money”, and I’m gonna stop right there. First of all, I wasn’t one of the Tea Party Manics who wanted Walker to “Obey the will of the voters”. That was his fan base. And since there was talk about provding jobs, at least 250,000 of them, it appears that is not going to happen!

So I’m asking this as a Wisconsin Resident of 35 years (by the way, the birthday was December 5th) , What’s up? Where are all the Charlie Sykes folks at? The Vicki McKennas, the Mark Bellings, oh, I should say the James T. Harris folks at? Huh?!!! Where are you? I guess that all that talk really some of you quiet huh? All of that should have got you questioning like of what next?

Like I said 13 times this year: I told you so! And I think those who had been saying this also in this year in another form of shape have said the same thing. And from what I’ve heard about the Walker Recall, right now, it’s about 300,000+ signatures. And for those who kept saying that teachers are being paid too much, you really need a reality check that everyone is in the struggle. I have family and community folks who are retired educators and can tell more about this more than the average “tea partier/republican fan”. Oh believe me, I know.

Lots of folks that used to live in Wisconsin are departing all because of this. And some of you thought that Jim Doyle was bad. Walker, even worse. Don’t forget, he was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. And what he did then, affects now. If only Tom Barrett would have gotten the governor’s chair in Madison, none of this, would’ve taken place.

In conclusion, when the year of 2011 is closing up shop, don’t expect me to put Walker in the bad list and the unions in the good list for obvious reasons.


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