For those wondering, why didn’t I blog on December 5th? For that answer I can say that December 5th happens to be my Birthday, in which I decided to take a day off just to get used to this new age change. But now, a year older, it’s time to have some Real Talk.

I was reading my horoscope yesterday, and yes, I do read horoscopes on my birthday as a way of “tradition”. And this horoscope really jumped out at me as a way of “Real Talk” courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Eugenia Last: “Get your priorities straight and make whatever moves are necessary to improve your emotional financial and physical well being. Don’t wait  around for someone else to make a move. It’s up to you to make things happen. Don’t fear disappointment.” When I read that, I needed to comment by saying, I must agree. I’ll admit that yes, I did the age change to 35, but  as we ordinary folks get older, that yes we have to get our priorities straight. Even yours truly. Yes, I may be a Sagittarius, but like all star signs, and yes I am a Chinese Dragon Baby, but still, like everyone else priorities must be a first, next and last! Even when you are looking for a job, in this dismal but somewhat improving economy, it’s a priority. I mean the money you have in your pocket is not going  to grow on its own. When I received my bachelor’s degree in 2006,  I accomplished my goal, but: previously, it was priorities to get it done!  No matter what it may be, you have to get your priorities straight. Every Friday, on Facebook, (yes I use Facebook) I always tell my connections to get your agendas first before your weekend starts. What that means is that if your daily agendas are not done, you can’t party on Saturday. You can’t watch the Packers, or any other football team. You can’t go to the movies, or that mall. Or the club, and by the way, what happened to “house parties?” What I am saying is, take care of the important weekly or daily issues at hand first, and then go to the mall or sporting venue. Too many times I read and hear about this era that has we need it now things are happening. Yes, patience is a virtue. And I hate that notion too, but in real talk, it’s truth.

So in honor of my 35th Milestone Birthday, which I’m still celebrating for the rest of the best month ever, December;  I am making a commitment to take part in responsibility to get my priorities straight. Either Financial, Health, and or Well Being. I have to. If I don’t, it’s going to be a long haul of a loss.  And in between, I will party up, which I can do in observance with others. After all, December is a party month!


Oh, and by the way, this is how I woke up on December 5th, 2011.


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