The Time is back. or in this case, The Original 7ven.

Posted: December 3, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Entertainment
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If most of us didn’t know, an old school funk band is back in action. No, I’m not talking about The Commodores or The Sugarhill Gang, even though I have respect for their craft. I’m talking about Morris Day, Jesse, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Monte Moir, Jerome, and Jellybean. Now we know that they in effect as The Time since 1981. If you are 30 years old now, you are the same age since this band has been out. We know the hits, Jungle Love, 777-9311, The Bird, Jerk Out, and others. But recently, the band since 1981 has resurrected but this time it’s a new name.

There was a main reason why The Time is now The Original 7ven. Clearly, it was a battle of the name “The Time”. If you haven’t been paying attention, Prince, we know the Purple Rain guy, named the group The Time. But now, over legal rights and uses of the name created by Prince, The Time is no more. Wait, this is coming from a guy who used to wear a symbol for a name! But if those remember that, it was a legal battle with Warner Brothers Music during the early to mid-90’s. And yes, he had the word “slave” on his cheek. If you’re just too young or just want to catch up on the situation back then, feel free to Google or search for Prince, Slave, Symbol all you want. Or in this case, just read the section on Wikipedia about him and his fight at the time against Warner Brothers Records.

I just bought the CD. And I must say that this could be the the best CD of 2011. Move over Lil’ Wayne. No disrespect to Jay-Z and Kanye. And Lady Gaga….never mind. What you hear on the CD will NOT feature any auto-tunes!  No Soulja Boys. No Kelly Rowlands (although I got love for her). No Beyonce’s. No Jay-Z – still got love for them. No digital stuff that don’t sound right. No unappreciative work that just want to get paid than the craft. NONE! This album is really for the grown folks that want to hear the music that is organic. I can’t imagine that someone will say that is how an instrument sounds like! I’ll give love to The Roots, which I still do. But these guys, put it down! Prince once said that this is the band that he fears. I would agree. I would say that to those who are just tuning in, those who want to know about much about this band, yes, you can go online to Amazon and Youtube all you want. But if you go to their concerts “in person” – different experience. That’s all I will say.

So if you want to take a preview, go ahead. But just to warn those, they at times do throw out some overtones that may not be for the younger crowds.


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