Sometimes it’s just a game, but the “negative it factor” goes to far

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Sports
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If you wandering what or who I’m talking about, this is about the game yesterday on Thanksgiving between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. Hope all of the readers had a good holiday, with the turkey in all.  By the time you read this, that yes the Green Bay Packers are STILL undefeated after beating the Lions. 11-0 and Aaron Rodgers has the Galloping Gobbler Award. But that’s not the only reason. What is the reason? Is Detroit’s  Ndamukong Suh. Yeah, the guy who wears Number 90. What he did yesterday was reprehensable of a foolish act, was the 3rd quarter when he had his moment with Evan Dietrich-Smith of the Packers. We may have seen the footage time after time when he was forcing his head against the turf and and stomping on him afterwards.  Now I know this isn’t WWE or the UFC, but dang dude, that was messed up. You can call it utter nonsense, borderline nonsense, epic fail all you want. But it is what it is. And speaking of epic fail (which is not one of those banned phrases) I’ll get to Penn State next!

Will Ndamukong Suh get his from the Comish? Definitively.  I mean this game, which the Detroit Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving since the 1930’s, and it’s a traditional thing for them to get to the holiday started, but what transpired in Ford Field, the home of Wrestlemania 23, was no way to be thankful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL announced that Suh would be suspended indefinitely. I know that on the other side that Suh said that it was unwarranted. Really, Suh? Dude you got caught red handed! End of story.  No turning back!

Now about Penn State? Oh Lord! Penn State University will never be the same. All of those problems concerning the students, and young boys?!!!! Really Penn State? And that costed Joe Paterno his job, that he loved doing since the beginning of his sports career. You heard of the meaning, “the flood gates have opened up in the pool of your own blood?”  I hope so. And to tell me that all of this child molesting stuff by Jerry Sandusky, was covered up and the then 28-year-old saw this and said nothing?!! Really? (shaking my head) Really Penn State? Ever since this came out, I think the Nittany Lions was never the same, nor will be the same.  I don’t know if any of those previous championships won would be erased.  I don’t know.

Even though that the game of football is a sport of field position. We know. There are four quarters to be decided and who wins the most wins the game. But in these examples, there are NO excuses, but just losers! Sort of like those who don’t want to see history unfold. I want to see history unfold because it wasn’t there before I was born. At least unveil something so I can tell the next generation of players coming up.


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