I’m going to be PC here today. All this time, I’ve been paying attention to those who I thought were real. Church members, celebrities (ala Kim Kardashian) and many others things that I can think of. First, this is for all the church folks. Those who punch the pews, and listen to the sermons while texting and tweeting with facebooking each time when a sermon arises. And for the record, and I’m making this public, I do tweet in my church services and I do it for a reason: I’m reshaping the thought of communication in the church. Yes, I am apart of the United Methodist Church in the “rethinking the church” ideas. This is one of them. Now to those who oppose this in the sanctuary, maybe you need to give this a try and hating the idea. I don’t care if you’re old school from the 1970’s and trying to carry it out. With all do respect, but times have changed.  And I’m not going to burn in flames on a Sunday morning.

Which leads me to my second point. To the “real” church members those who again pack the pews and give, good work. And to those who don’t pack the pews, and having those back stage politics, one of these days you’re going to have trouble. This shouldn’t matter to any denomination. Anyone can relate. I know what you’re thinking: yes, I’ve been a giving person for alot of years and I worked in my time in for the church. And I’ve been doing it for 20 years! Plus I had to debate the pastor, deacons, and those in charge of why the church is not going up and you’re judging me?!!” Let me say in response that yeah, you’ve done your job for 20 years. And I think part of the debate, was in fact drowning yourself, and drowning the face of the organization. Just because your name is on the roster, doesn’t mean you’re a “real member”. For those of you already know, from your Fraternities, Sororities, Elk Groups, Mason Lodges, etc. You should know that having a name on the roster doesn’t mean jack squat! I’m going there. It’s all about the WORK! It’s all about the contributions, donations, etc. You feel me? Now I’ve been hearing  from the older crowds about how to get the younger age ranges, from 18-35 or up to 40, involved in the church. Well to the older crowds, as the younger kids would say, you better be real! I don’t’ care if you are in your 60’s, or maybe 70’s! With all do respect, you had set the standards, but now it’s a new ball of wax and alot of what you did, may not work for those like me today. Tell that to your groups.  And especially to those who are coming up trying to hustle, or making that money without getting the principle.

Second, Kim Kardashian. When will she learn? 72 days of marriage. Please.  I have family members that have been married since the 1950’s that are still married. And my parents have been together since 1969. What some of these so-called marriages today are lacking is commitment. I hear this from those who are already married. I begin to question is this whole marriage game is shaking down to whatever. Now I got folks close to me that want me to dive in. Note to those when I say this: Not a chance! Some folks in my family once said that if you’re not mature (and the key word is mature) enough to handle a commitment, you do NOT walk that aisle. Was Kim Kardashian mature to Kris Humphries for those 72 days? Was she mature to Reggie Bush? I think the answer was no. I know it.

What I ‘m trying to say is, that if you’re going to be real at something, or someone, just stick to it. Do your job, and I’ll say this as a member of Generation X, quit your whining and save the drama for your mama! Just like the line from Higher Learning when Laurence Fishburne’s character Maurice Phipps kept saying “you have to have a plan”. That is the only way for anyone or anything to survive. And that is what is needed now.  It doesn’t matter what race, creed, class, gender, economic status, looking for work, education, changing jobs, losing weight, how to vote, or whatever. It’s the same thing.


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