Wisconsin…It’s time. And the time is now.

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Decision Factors, Local, News and politics
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Dear Wisconsinites (for those who want to care in all):

By now, it’s November, and it’s after November 15th and there is a certain recall attempt to remove Scott Walker from the chair in Madison. If you support him, don’t read what I have to say. But if you don’t support him, get it in right now. When the whole nation was paying attetntion to Wisconsin in the winter, in February, and after the Packers won the Superbowl, lots of those outside of state tried to figure out what’s going on in the Badger State. Previously, the rookie govenor thought that High Speed Rail wasn’t good enough for those whom he feels “can’t afford it”. They claim it was a boondongle. It will never work. Basically, I think that what really says about Wisconsin residents who don’t want to move forward. I find that shameful. And mostly, I find it un-American. Well mostly un-appreciative about the fact that the State is not moving forward WITH the rest of the country. This was a good opportunity for the state and personally the neighborhood near the area of Talgo. But it was all “slandered” through politics. I’m going to say that includes, Scott Walker. Just like when he said that he was “obeying the will of the voters”. I’ll add that he was obeying the will of the Koch Brothers, his fan base,  and the Wisconsin Tea Party. Plain and simple.

Obviously, this wasn’t the only thing. The other in my view, the ending of collective barganing.  Lot of you outside of Wisconsin don’t know, that the state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, paid vacations, etc. Wisconsin is more than just a cheese state. And that state where Laverne and Shirley started. And the Packers, Bucks, Brewers, and in my view, the “Original Dairyland”. But enough about that. What’s really important that now the residents of Wisconsin in my view can really express their frustration about the governor. And from what I read and heard that some republicans don’t approve what Walker is currently doing. What was that approval rating again?  Last I checked it’s not good. Not at all. And looks like his dream of 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin will not happen.

Technically, I didn’t like Walker when he was County Executive. In the beginning everyone thought after the Tom Ament pension scandal was supposed to erase everything new. But no. It got worse for Milwaukee County. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did indeed warned us about “hanging on to our hats”, and going through the “slash and burn” tactics of Scott Walker.  Milwaukee had this person for 8 years. What he did in Milwaukee County, would do for the same in the state.  And since then, in the view of others, dividing the state.  Plus pushing out those who really want to have a chance to save chances.

After all of that, now to those reading outside of Wisconsin, particularly for California, (yes you LA Times)  this is why the state matters to America. Like Ed Schultz said that it’s not just Wisconsin. It’s all over the country. Now previously, I got some love for Ohio. What they did was voted majority of No on their Senate Bill 5 to continue to have collective bargaining rights for their workers. When that happened, I thought about what happened here! And now it’s been many months, and those in Wisconsin who rallied against the governor, and Rebecca Kleefisch, will get their chance to sign names for a vote of no confidence.

Recognize those words: No Confidence. So if choose to sign my name to the petition to remove Walker, don’t judge me. Walker supporters, don’t judge me!  Tea Party followers, don’t judge me!

End of story.


Stephen’s Spot

P.S. For those who want to recall Scott Walker, check out the website: UnitedWisconsin.com


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