Heavy D. A true Hip-Hop Icon

Posted: November 14, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Entertainment, Music
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Last thursday, I was in shock. Over the fact the one of the positive performers in Hip Hop was passed on. His real name was Dwight Arrignton Myers. But everyone called him Heavy D. Now for those who are into that Lil’ Wayne, Kreayshawn, Young Jeezy, and other forms of Hip-Hop Fans out there now, know this. Your boys and girls wouldn’t have jobs because of guys like Heavy D. Unlike those mostly today, Heavy D was a positive rapper. Even more positive than Lupe Fiasco in my view. Now I’m not hating on Lupe and I respect his game, but there is no way that he nor anyone on the spot would never catch the caliber of Heavy D. NONE! For those who want to know, Heavy D came up in the game during the New Jack Swing Era, when black folks was doing the running man dances. And having fun without getting into gun fights or violence. Plus that fashion statement of the sagging pants wasn’t even thought about, thank God.

And yes, Heavy D died at age 44. The same age and range of Gerald Levert, Reggie White who also died close or past 44 years old.

But on the real, I was reading the comments on MSN’s wall, and mind the fact that most on there don’t know what they are talking about. Especially those who didn’t know who Heavy D was. I mean this is a digital research era, hello! It’s a shame that even those who like Hip-Hop Music don’t respect the roots.  I’m not talking about the group The Roots, I’m talking about the roots of Hip-Hop’s Evolution. Heavy D to me was more similar to MC Hammer back then as trying to be clean for the audience way back.

From what I’ve read, Heavy D’s funeral will be in NY’s Historic Black Baptist Church. And already some who are shall we say “trolling” are just mystified because of the fact it’s not in a multi-cultural setting. So what. All I know is that he will be memorialized, scriptures about his life will be read, memories of course and most of all, having the courage to say what needed to be said via his family and friends.

His last twitter message was “Be Inspired”.  I hope that those of us, especially our young people can be inspired in all things. Sort of like being in beastmode. Back then, around that era of Hip Hop/New Jack Swing the artists like Heavy were all in real beastmode. Not like some today!

So yeah, I’m going to remember Heavy D as a hip hop artist that kept it real. He kept it real as an actor, producer, artist, songwriter, and a music executive. Even videos like these.


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