13th Letter to Wisconsinites: I told you so! And look what Ohio did!

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Organizations
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Yep, Wisconsin. I was going to say something about this. And apparently I maybe right. So November 1st has passed and alot of us are probably happy about the Weapons Concealment Law being passed after getting stomped over the summer. Now apparently for those outside of Wisconsin already know that yes: the Badger State became the 49th state in the union to allow those to walk around with Colt Python 45’s or maybe other handguns for protection. I hope those who favor this need to pray that it doesn’t backfire! I’m dead serious in commenting. Let’s paint a scenario. Let’s say that I’m going to the store and all of a sudden I’m going to my car minding my business. Or if I’m in a elevator waiting to go to the next floor and lets say someone looks at me “very snooty” and shows a firearm. Am I backing away? Yes. Why because I don’t want anyone taking my life over some “snooty looks”  or any look in a elevator or anywhere else. I’m thinking that yeah, this gun law might feel those “law abiding citizens”  safe. But there is an underside: those who are not law abiding citizens or closely related could go have connections and get weapons too. What will that be is similar to the Wild West. I thought I would never imagine that THIS state would be stooped in order to get guns this hastefuly! I hope to God Almighty that there might be some safeguards regarding this. In other words I might go and purchase a Bulletproof vest just to be safe in the elements.  I know it’s not necessary, but in my opinion, neither is walking around with a handgun going to Mayfair Mall or Summerfest. Or to see Nyjer Morgan or Aaron Rodgers. There were times way back when that Martial Arts meant something. In this case when I was bullied in School, one of my late uncle taught me Kung Fu just to stand up and protect myself. If he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog or voicing my opinion.  I know some are tired of this comment “I’m just saying”…..in general.

Now I got love for Ohio. What the citizens did is something that should be a stand up truth by not giving in to a Republican tatic of eliminating collective barganing. Now this probably saying, yep Ohio beat Wisconsin in this. Not because of the game this year (which was luck). This has nothing to do with games. It’s about livelihoods. It’s about jobs. It’s about the future. Some of you may not know this, but I worked in a union shop, and some of my folks that I know personally worked in companies that had union support. Oh yes. Like I said, everyone who works 40 hours a week or more that has benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, 401k Plan and more, plus union memberships, that all came from Wisconsin. But there are those who want to take that away all because it may not mean much to those who work at the top percentage, or those support that. I’ll say this, if you eliminate something WITHOUT any futher examination of understanding, you might have confusion and chaos. Just saying. I’m thinking that now since the no vote in Ohio has reached a fever pitch, Scott Walker must be shaking in his boots. He should be. The fans should be shaking, and  also the Journal Sentinel fans who like his stuff are still arguing. By the way, it was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that endorsed Walker last year.

So this to me is a viable strategy in my opinion, should retain the seat for President Obama in 2012. And if the others follow the model, the strategy will be the same.

Wisconsin: Look what Ohio did. And they did it well.


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