Thought I was out of the jungle. But guess what, it just came back. Today in Wisconsin, the Senate Republicans just shot down on two fronts for the state. Or should I say, for the “unmentionables”  citizens that they want to focus when it comes to one thing: Jobs not taking in or accepting ex-felons, which leads to them also not taking part of a discrimination hearing in Milwaukee.  Senator Lena Taylor, whom you all know was one of the Wisconsin 14, issued a link on her Facebook page that the Senate Republicans voted 17-16 in favor of  businesses NOT accepting those who have a criminal record.

Now I know that most businesses,  myself as well as you reading the blog, that most employers already will not accept those mostly who had served their time in jail, or been incarcareted for crimes they admit and had to change the error of their ways. Yes, I see this when filling out an application. But the employers do have a disclaimer that they don’t discrimate against race, creed, class, gender, religion, and get this……EVEN criminal convictions! (at times)

Yes I do also realize that if you have a record, chances are your employment future may not be pleasant of seeking. But I thought, is this America? I will go vocal on this one! This is why the country, morely like Wisconsin is messed up . Some of you aren’t going to like what I ‘m about to say, but I will say, that if they WANT as second chance, LET THEM IN! I may sound crazy, but is this land of America is the land of opportunity? Whatever happen to that? Lot of folks don’t believe in the mentality of second chances no more. Yes we all are given a second chance once in a while. But to have this barrier of discrimiation against felons who WANT to have  a second chance to get a fresh start to proceed on in life, is completely “borderline utter nonsense”!  Every American, including those had the records of crimes that did wrong, needs to have a second chance just to prove themselves that they can succeed! The Right Way! No one in this country including myself is not perfect. Now I for one, don’t have a criminal record. But if I did, I would be the same boat as others would fight everyday just to get my hands dirty by working in McDonald’s or any other job just to try to make a chance of change! Obviously, those voted to make sure that the “Felons not apply” mantra in Wisconsin in my opinion, just took that opportunity of change away from them. Oh, I’m going there! Once again, this is supposed to be America?

One my former classmates is a ex-felon. I known the classmate from High School here in Milwaukee and yes, during around the period of 1994-1995, there a barrier of change of negativity for armed robbery, which led to incarceration for about 10 years. But in 2007-2008, the ex-classmate of mine, was released and since then, has been working in construction and also became a motivation speaker of this organization called Reaching Back and Reaching Out. And basically, Joshua (the person you will see by clicking on the link), has been doing this for a while, promoting and telling us ordinary citizens to not make the same mistakes as he did. And also having the will to go forward despite of the dillemmas made previously.

Now you’re saying to yourself. Why are you putting this out on wordpress like this? What ever happen to those blogs about being single, the Packers, and Barack’s Birth Certificate and that Troy Davis thing you opiniated? Answer: I’m keeping it 100. This is a real issue that has been discussed and will continue to be a discussion. It’s more important I should comment on this because many of you that were or are feeling of what I have to say, can somewhat relate, or in my case, know someone very familiar that has faced this other that “Mr. or Ms. Pefectionate that knows nothing about this period folks.”

So yes, I am commenting on this for a reason. Not just because it’s in Wisconsin, but it could be somewhat related to your city or state that is going through the same thing. I do believe once again that EVERYONE deserves a second chance. I’m not speaking just on christian values. I’m speaking of general moral values that the change can happen from within. Through acceptance, repentance and morality for oneself and all.

Now the question is, did the Wisconsin Republican majority can relate to this and have a heart to think about? My answer: NO!

Think it over.


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