Dear Milwaukee Brewers/Fans/and Milwaukee:

Even though that the Brewers are not in the World Series, and had made the postseason, got the 96 wins, there is one thing still to say: Thank you! Why I am saying thank you to the Brewers Fans/and Milwaukee? Even though I haven’t tapped into the Brewers as most of you, but I can say that I am pleased that the Brew Crew had made it this far to try to get something started. During the period between 1983-2007 in all, there was NOTHING to cheer for with this team in my view. Nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong in all that yes, the Brewers represent the WI as the lone MLB team, but here’s something you should realize that rebuilding takes time. It takes time overall because of the structure, team, management and mostly fans that generate that support that the Brewers evolved. But when in 2008, when the Brewers won the NL Wild Card Championship that to me was a small start to do something. Sort of like the Green Bay Packers who were in the Wild Card playoffs years ago. And the same category, they both lost the first round. But for the Packers, they rebounded and went straight to the Super Bowl. The Brewers, almost had the World Series in the grasp, but until the St. Louis Cardinals came along and routed them out.

Even though that this was a “disappointed season”, but in a way it was a good season. No, I didn’t go to the games at Miller Park, or as Nyjer Morgan would say, “The Keg”. But after reading the stats, games and pennnant races, it was almost clear that the Brewers were a candidate to be one of those teams to beat. This year, when they became the 2011 NL Central Divison Champions, this was something that the city had been hungry for since 1982. When the Brewers/Cardinals last clashed, in  1982 I was only 5 years old when that happened. And I don’t remember that game at all. Look, I was 5 years old! So to the “long term” Brewers Fans, I don’t remember that. I’ll remember 2011 as the year of the Beastmode. But not the year of Harvey’s Wallbangers.

So let me say that Milwaukee, even though that we have some differences in Segregation, high unemployment, teen pregnacy, and others, the Brewers woke up the Brew City with the Beastmode Mentality. Like Nyjer Morgan said that “beastmode is not just for the field, it’s a way of life” via his Facebook page.  So Milwaukee, we need to be in beastmode in all things!  Use the beastmode mentality to get all the unemployed to be employed. Tell the teen girls not to have a baby at 14. Go to work, school, church with a game-day attitude.  And for God’s sake: We need to get real about racism, and segregation in this city! See Beastmode is not just for sports. It’s for everyday life!

So Njyer, Prince, Ryan, Casey, Yovanni, Doug Melvin, Rickie, Mark Attansio, Ron Roenicke, Johnathan Lucroy, and many others in the Milwaukee Brewers Crew, Thank you all for a great season. And I would expect more “beastmodes” to maintain in the future. Am I disappointed that the season is a waste? No. Just like every other team that has been in this position before, it’s just like saying again, you now know what you have to do.  The Brewers are at times a misunderstood team. Not because of the region, or being in Milwaukee. It’s because in my opinion that they are a good organization but not a visible organization. I will say this though, they will get their championship. But I don’t see that coming in another 29 years.


Stephen’s Spot


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