Finally, the MLK Memorial is a reality and another reason to visit Washington, D.C. And my take on the Occupy Movement

Posted: October 20, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Celebrations, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local, News and politics, Organizations
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Finally!  The Martin Luther King Memorial is a reality in Washington DC. When I get my chance to visit the nation’s capital, yet again, I’ll get my opportunity to view the memorial and take in it’s architectural, and various features. But I know that there are some “controversies” in terms of the memorial being made in China. I should point out that the Statue of Liberty was made in France. So the question is, why are those trip about the memorial actually tripping about it? If those so-called Americans who criticize the memorial wanted to help out, why didn’t they assist? That doesn’t make sense. They should take a page from Dr. King’s Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha whom were the original planners for the memorial in the first place! Without them NO ONE wouldn’t see it today. So, if you are a member of this fraternity, thank you! For taking action and also putting in your hard work and dedication to make sure that every human being on the planet can have another reason to Washington DC,  and partake in the interest in viewing this long awaited Dr. King Memorial.

Now I know that there those again, having the criticisms to say, Oh, I heard it was made in China, and didn’t have anyone American to build it. Or how could a statue like that cost over 150 Million Dollars,  while that money can be raised to fix schools and parks. Or even yet, create jobs? Well, maybe it could have. But I’m not hating those of making the memorial possible. And further more, I’m not hating on those that donated to the funding. I’m not hating on Alpha Phi Alpha, Tommy Hilfiger, AT&T, General Motors, Disney, NFL, NBA, Target, BET, and others that helped contributed. Why those organizations? Well, maybe they all have ties or connections to Dr. King and his legacy. We know Alpha Phi Alpha does, because once again that was MLK’s Fraternity.

As everyone was reflecting on the livelihood of Dr. King, there was another movement brewing across the nation and yes, different parts of the world. The Occupy Wall Street Movement was everywhere including Milwaukee, in which the 99% in my opinion needed to say to all those corporations, that it’s time to  wise up! If you thought the movement in Madison earlier this year was the big thing, this was even bigger. I got love for the Stand With Wisconsin folks who did their thing and “occupied” Walker in the state capitol. But with this Occupy Wall Street Movement was to me a reflection of the Civil Rights Movement. And something that I think that Dr. King would see in which folks from all angles of life, no matter which race, creed or class, or gender having this chance to say that there must be a new way to give ease to the middle class instead of giving grief to the middle class. I know there is alot of those who say that “I’m part of this percent,  and the rest of this so-called 99% are just begging for a spare pie piece. And I pay my taxes, send my kids to college, work hard and earned a living. Big deal.” Maybe this Occupy Wall Street Movement is a service as a wake-up call for the country not to mess around or playing around like class clowns in a classroom. I know that this is not High School. It’s the real world.  And yes, Eugene Kane, based on the article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Brew City had African-Americans participating, and I HOPE that they continue to participate. This Occupy Movement is multi-related. No matter where you come from.  Now to my church going folks, I’ll put a spin on this. I know that the cities are being “occupied”, but who’s occupying the devil?! That’s right I said it! The devil is occupying us. All the time. But shifting gears, the Occupy Wall Street/Milwaukee/Your city/State/Country Movement in my opinion is going to beat the Tea Party Movement. Straight up. I’m just saying….in general.

Occupy Milwaukee Protest


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