Oh yeah, it’s time for my editorials. I need to editorialize my opinion about the Republican candidate Herman Cain. The same Herman Cain who believes that Racism doesn’t exist anymore or doesn’t hold anyone back. Yes, this is the guy, who owns Godfather’s Pizza, is the same guy that believes that “racism” is null and void in America. I’m like “REALLY?!!!” I challenge Herman Cain, as conservative as he is,  to come to Milwaukee. Now why I’m bring in Milwaukee in this? Milwaukee is labeled to some as “the most segregated city in the United States.” I challenge him to view this because when you are in a segregated city, and yes, you would expect alot of “black vs white” sort of speak in various ways. And you could be other ethnicity and have segregation as well. Even if you applied for a job, and found out years later that one of the reasons that the phone call didn’t come in: is because of racism. Last year around this time, I was one of the 390 African-Americans living in the Badger State, that was denied of employment through Dresser Waukesha because of my race. Google the story. And even though that didn’t make major headlines, but it was a story about another reason that racism exists. I’ll be those in the “conservative base” should know that as well. Especially Herman Cain. As old as he is, he should know. And those living in Milwaukee and like to post their liberties on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website do the same on Eugene Kane or James Causey’s stories, should also without having the heads in the sand.

Plus, you heard about it too many times: “Wisconsin is the worst state for Black People”. Don’t get me wrong, it is good at times. The Badger State has more African-Americans in prison than any other state in the union. More than Illinois, California, and a few other states.  I’m glad that he’s being called out on this subject. For real he is. Now, some of the folks are saying that “yeah he owns a franchise, cut him some slack”. Ok, I’ll cut him some slack on that, but for real, the only reason I think that he’s mentioning about the “non-racism angle talk” because of the base that he is paying attention to. Sort of like the rookie Governor, Scott Walker will say anything to get elected: 250,000 jobs, no high speed rail, busting up Unions for collective bargaining, Concealed Carry Weapons, etc. And get this, since this past couple of days have been about wishing to recall him, I think it’s going to happen for real. The recall process will be in full effect on November 15th, 2011, and I’ll bet most of the Badger Faithful will be sigining those John Hancocks to get this on the ballot to admit the truth that Scott Walker was bad in the beginning, and bad now. Want more proof? Look at the record from his days as Milwaukee County Executive. The most he did in Milwaukee County, is doing the same currently.

Oh, now back to Herman Cain. He’s also being called out by the likes of all people: Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Goldie Taylor, and Harry Belafonte! Now for Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, they have been “critical” of the President of not being able help the poor. But they have commented in which that Herman Cain in their words should “Get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming.” You read that right. Harry Belafonte also commented that “Herman Cain Is A ‘Totally False’ ‘Bad Apple’ In The Black Community”. Harry Belafonte has been around longer than most of us, and helped those LONGER than Herman Cain. Just saying. I know he’s Old School and has alot of knowledge to share. That I’ll give him my respect. And as for Goldie Taylor, she commented about Herman Cain morely via a video clip from MSNBC:

For this guy, Herman Cain, to tell you the truth, not VERY much of my interest. The only way I think that Herman Cain would get my respect, for example, is to be a “break away candidate” from the Republican party base, the Koch Brothers, and somewhat link up a way to help the Democrats and Independents. And to give an positive (not negative, Benedict Arnold style) impact to the African-American community and other communities. That’s right, I said it!  But in my opinion, he’s doing the opposite of what I wrote previously. That is not helping. In order for him “to be for real”, he has to act like it. That’s what having this President job is. You hear alot of the youth these days say that “you gotta be real”.  If not, we used to have a saying in the 90’s that “we’ll kick you to the curb”.  Straight up. In 2008, yes I voted for Barack Obama for two reasons: One – Enthusiastic. And two – Vision. My opinion of Enthusiasm of the can do American Spirit that we can still make it happen although most think wouldn’t be possible for other reasons. And Vision of giving the country to get a new sense of philosophy in terms of beliefs. And no, I didn’t include the words “because he’s black.”
There has been talk about “The Black Experience”. In what ways may I ask? I heard this many times before from folks who are just as old as Herman Cain, and little older and the black experience that I researched had more in depth that I cannot imagine. I have an uncle who once told me that back when he working for P&H Mining in Milwaukee, it was OK for the other workers who are non-black to call those who are black the N-word. I kid you not. There were times I had the elders telling me about a time in Milwaukee that you couldn’t go past the 16th Street Bridge to the South Side just because you’re black. That’s one of the reasons why Father Groppi got involved to integrate. God rest his soul. Or there were times I heard and have been told that there were times that you are in your car, riding on the freeway, or in the street, always watch out for the Police or the County Sheriff because of the “Driving While Black” mentality. I don’t care if it’s in the suburbs. Or in you are in a store, etc. In regarding the President, during his community organizer days or teaching days in Chicago,  maybe he had an exposure to “The Black Experience”. I said maybe.  Or that reminds me, of the  “you’re not black enough” quotes days. They told this mess to Halle Berry long time ago, and until 2002, won an Oscar Award! I wonder if the Pizza man dig that research like that? Matter of fact, during the Civil Rights Movement, why didn’t the Pizza Guy took part in that, while Martin Luther King, Jr and company commanded the ship? Was he scared? Maybe. Was that an insult of what he’s saying now?  probably. Obviously in my opinion, Herman Cain is out of bounds when it comes to this.  And also about his comments about African-Americans being brainwashed when voting issues come up, which in my humble opinion is not all true. That’s like having a comparison to say….”All blacks think alike.”  I have two words to say: Wrong Answer. And I’ll share this, I’m not one of the African-Americans in this country that are being brainwashed. I vote for the real concerns, mind you.

So yeah, in my opinion, Herman Cain is alot like James T. Harris from 2008. Yeah, he can say what he wants. But do I have to agree with him, just because they’re African-American and I’m African-American?  No.


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