Boom Goes The Dynamite! Packers go 5-0 and some Brett Favre/Roddy White comments towards Aaron Rodgers

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Editorial, Favorites, Games, Local, Sports
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Right now, the Green Bay Packers are sitting at 5-0 by recently defeating the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday Night. Overall, being at 5-0 is good so far, but in this instance, the champs will need to work on getting more pressure offensively and defensively. But more on that later, along with the “Whirlwind”. First. Brett Favre. Yes, he had to say something in general about the current Packer QB in terms of his skills. The type of games that in his mind “he should have done long time ago.” Well, I think there was answer to that: The Packers in my opinion, wanted more “Favre Action” than “Rodgers Action”. Oh yeah, I had to admit this. Yes, I wanted to see Favre play more to see if he could get the Packers towards another Superbowl. But I think that all changed after the INT against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game in early 2010,  and most in the Packer Nation were mostly upset at him for making that happen. So technically, with all do respect, I have to say: Boom! goes the dynamite.

And after that we all know. Favre torches the Pack in a Vikings jersey and like with the Packers, he got them to the NFC Championship vs the New Orleans Saints and that INT towards the end killed it. We also fast-forward to recently and this is for you Atlanta Falcons Folks. Yes, I have to get this out of way which is the right thing to say. I’m sorry that your dirty birds got beat. AGAIN! But previously, Roddy White had to say something about Aaron Rodgers “reaching” since the Packers defeated the Falcons in the Divisional Round Game earlier in route to the Superbowl. I have to ask this, what did he meant by “he’s reaching?” Reaching what? Another victory? To be like or better than Brett Favre? Or to just to prove that he’s the best thing going by proving in the same building that he can win in Atlanta by securing a win? Which is it? Hello, Dirty Birds! Look, Atlanta. Your team has a long way to go to get the best of Green Bay. And to think that Michael Vick was supposed to be the answer years ago. But we know what happened after that. I think B.J. Raji said it best today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Yeah, your crew plays physical or maybe a little more physical than any other NFC team in the league. But sometimes………….sometimes that physical thing may NOT win ball games. Hate to say it.

Some say that the Atlanta Falcons had not learned their lesson in the last meeting and boy, they were right. But I will say this that yeah, you ALMOST had the Packers. But ALMOST wasn’t good enough. So again, #12 had to prove a point. Yes he’s the Quarterback that will always come after Brett Favre. Bar none. But I have to say that as long there are doubters, there is one thing that remains the same. Aaron Rodgers will be ready for a challenge. *Belt Move*

Oh, one more thing: Check out this Punt Return of Randall Cobb from week one.


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