“I’m Just Saying”…..Finish the Sentence!

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Editorial
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I’m Just Saying! Well, well, well. We have come very far haven’t we? The phrase of I’m Just Saying has become the new “Because”. Let me elaborate. Back in the day before I’m Just saying was become a new thing on the block, most of us in our 30’s and maybe 40’s can remember answering the word: Because. Just to verify, here are some examples:

Why you have to say that?!


Why have you dressed like that?


See what I’m getting at? Now we can remember those days, bibcally. Lot of folks back then didn’t know how to finish the sentence, the same can be for now. I’m not calling everyone illertate, here ok? It’s because it’s a cycle of things repeating over and over again. I’ve heard all the Just Sayings in my almost 35 years. I’m not just suprised. You know what I’m saying?

Oh, here’s another: So what you’re saying, or what are you’re saying?

Saying the phrase “I’m Just Saying” can be a nusiance sometimes, but for those who end that need to know that there might be someone on the other side asking what? I can’t say “What?” now. I hear all the folks saying “Don’t say what to me!” I thought this was a Freedom of Speech thing! But then again it does have responsibilties. Even saying  the phrase”I’m Just Saying” can have consequences of not FINISHING THE SENTENCE! My Pastor once said in church, “Finish the sentence!” No matter what it is.

It’s time to go back, (really go back) and finish the sentence. Saying “because” or “I’m just saying” is NOT finishing the sentence. It’s only completing half of what you said. I’m Just Saying. – In general! See, I finished the sentence. Plain and simple. Now was that hard, students? Even the I’m Just Saying Phrase is not going to get you a job. Now, I’m just saying to be real. Not to be blunt. Well maybe a little.

There was a line in 1989’s Batman movie that had the phrase “I’m Just Saying” in it. I think it was the part when The Joker was unveiling the new improve joker brand, which was played by Jack Nicholson. Or a line from Night Court from way back in the 80’s when Harry T. Stone used the phrase I’m Just Saying. In terms of “I’m just saying, folks!” Don’t believe me?  Go into your DVD collections or your Parents’ VHS collections and reference that.

All I’m Saying is: Don’t let the I’m just saying thing catch you in a tailsping! It’s not something to be stressed over. Some of you probably have commented or written this on your blogs. Don’t freak out! I’m Just Saying. Let it go. And also, What I will say is, finish the sentence.

The end.


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