I want to take notice on the recent story about my Alma Mater, the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For those who don’t know that yes, I am a UW-Stout alum from the class of 2006. And I have expressed about how I got my B.S. Degree of Industrial Management through Distance Education and defending it like a badge of honor. But today, I read on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the University faced an issue of a University Professor that had this poster from Firefly taken down. Here is what the poster looks like if you want to know.

I have ask and comment that, yes freedom of speech is a right. Yes, I have a right like amongst of you have the ability. But where is the responsibility? AhHa! I said responsibility. The one word that most of us pass up time after time. Admit it! For the professor’s claim that the poster or the message is from a show, and does not have a meaning per say. But I have to ask, where was the professor’s responsibility in terms of making sure that the poster didn’t harm or to assume harm to the students, faculty, community and I dare say, Alumni? Where’s the responsibility? It’s just like Facebook. When we put out messages, it’s OK to put them out there and let folks loose on the reading. But we also have to recognize the thought that we the social media have to be careful of what we say and do and how it effects other people. I had to learn that. I’m being real.

Now I can’t imagine what a supporter, a donor, a community person might think that having a display like this at the University might have that effect on the current student body. One thing I learned as a UW-Stout Student (distance ed, mind you) that the faculty is a “concerned faculty”. Yes, you read that right. That’s what it is. They are concerned faculty of course when it comes to the students with education. Possibly that should be a reflection on the faculty of having the chance to be responsible by their principles. Don’t get me wrong. UW-Stout is still a good institution of learning. It is Wisconsin’s first Polytechnic University that engages college work with real world experiences. But for incident like this, it’s not a college homework assignment, but it is a real world issue that is discussed and talked about outside of the classroom. And furthermore, I think the administration nor the campus police shouldn’t overreacted too much over a poster. Utter nonsense!

And for the record, it’s not a laughing stock of the nation, like one “troll” said today on the school’s Facebook Site. Now I shouldn’t be calling names, but obviously, that person whoever he is, didn’t back it up. So who’s laughing now? Yeah again, I know.

As an Alum of Stout, this will pass. And yes, it will be a long forgotten story. Plus freedom of speech is not just a birth right. It was earned. Earned by those who took the time to withstand battle and war, in reference to our servicemen. And I will say, the glory of God. But I must say this, on the real, that professor should have been responsible on his part to stand up and to bring a format of why it was put up. So for that, UW-Stout I have to say that one: You need to get it together. What happened on campus does effect those you partner with. Including Alums like me. And second, you need to have group discussion about these things on why they are. Yes, we have the right to choose and display with the First Amendment, BUT we need to be responsible of what we display and act. I’m just saying.

In addition, about the mascot, the Blue Devil. Get a grip will, ya?! I read the comments on Facebook and Youtube about it from both Students and I dare say Alumni. So it took a year of planning and work to get the costume in order, OK! No Big Deal! Just be happy that the school has a name of the Blue Devils, and a mascot to cheer with.


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