Bounce TV is on the air, and other thing I wrote…..

Posted: September 29, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Education, Entertainment, News and politics
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Before I begin, I want to summarize my last blog. Which I think in fairness was deemed debateable. It was about my viewpoint about the Troy Davis execution, and also my point about President Obama didn’t step in and made a referring call to stop it, and alot of us think that he is the blame. Personally, I think it is NOT his fault. If anyone had read the bylaws of the President of the United States, you should know that one of the rules does partake that the president does not have the authority to weigh in on executions on a State Level. If that were to be on a FEDERAL level, then Obama would be all over that. I hope that one person commented my post needs to reads that. And plus, I studied that years ago about what the president can do, and can’t do. That’s the problem. We don’t read enough to understand things. For things like this, it’s sad. No wonder this nation is falling behind with the backwards politics. And for that, for those who are uneducated, and don’t know jack, it is time to go back to the classrooms, and also back to the books. I hate to say it, but real talk! But, if I am somewhat incorrect, show me the proof. But before you show me, it has to be real. No fake, photoshopped, documents, explicit, Youtube Videos allowed. It needs to be authenic, to the point, beat by beat.  I don’t care if the proof comes from the library of congress. That’s right, I just went educational, WordPress!

Shifting gears now. Bounce TV. If you haven’t heard, there is a new African-American network station that came on this week, that targets well, African-Americans. Bounce TV is a free over the air digital television station that gives entertainment of movies, sports of the HBCU Football Teams, Kids and Teen Shows all aimed at the 25-44 years olds of the African-American audience. Now, I know that there are some who say, it’s another BET. I’ve looked at this all week and I did not see not one comparison between Bounce TV and BET. For those who don’t know, Bounce TV wants to be different from BET. They have a slogan that reads “TV Our Way”. What do they mean by Our Way? I guess that Bounce TV wants to present itself on a different platform. Yes, they showed The Wiz and the original “A Raisin in the Sun”. But yes, they want to be different from BET. That is what the founders, Andrew Young, Martin Luther King, III, Rob Hardy and Will Packer will bring each and every time. I hope that Bounce TV will be a real network. Real networks stand out from the crowd and not trying to be copycats. Yes, BET started at a time when there were no African-Americans shown on cable, then came along TV-One, OWN, and there was another Black Family Channel at one point before it was closed in 2007.

There was question posted on the web: Do African-Americans need another African-American TV Channel? I’ll answer that. YES! You’re probably asking why. Well, I think we African-Americans need to show more of ourselves in all angles. Not just one angle. Now I know there are questions from non-African Americans who will always say like, “when will be a channel for the white folks to watch?” Note to caucasian audience, you have plenty! Ranging from NBC to the Spice Adult Channels. And coming soon, is the WWE Network coming out in 2012? I remember when many years also that Jillian Barberie was mad that she can’t watch Spike TV, which was aimed at the male audience. Really, Jillian? So, I don’t what the deal is when people ask questions like that. Just be happy that you have a channel to watch. Duh! That’s not even a major concern. I’m not saying that the other ethnic groups can’t watch black networks. You can watch them if you want to, but just don’t make a big deal out of it. I’m just saying. It’s just like when you pick up Ebony Magazine. Same thing. Almost.

But in regarding Bounce TV being different from BET and TVOne, that’s a bold statement. It will also regard of being bold to maintain that potential. Again, I’m just saying.


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