Why is it that, everytime I hear the word, socialism, it is a bad word? This is for the so-called Americans who thinks this way. For the lamens terms, lets define what socialism is:

According to Dictionary.com: The word Socialism is defined as this:
1. a theory or system of social organization  that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
2.procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.
3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.
So my question is….Why does this word, especially in the era of Obama, is considered an ugly word?
Maybe it’s just plain misunderstanding. Matter of fact: IT IS MISUNDERSTANDING! Let me give you some examples. Whenever we use social serivces of any kind, that’s” socialism”.

Public Schools
Pell Grants
Automobile Insurance
Seatbelt Laws
Roads and Bridges
Public Works
Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force/Coast Guard
Public Transportation
Park System
Public Works

So I ask again, why is the Socialism word is bad word?! Hello, Americans. Obviously, this has been one hot button topic that is full of confusion. The Temptations had a hit song: Ball of Confusion. Listen to it, and by the way it’s not a Jay-Z/Lil’ Wayne song sample. This is an original. This is also in relation to President Obama for alot of some of you Americans thinks he’s a socialist. “Socialist?” Really, in my Bill Maher voice. The things I listed previously are a prime example of Socialism that is a positive. A positive that helped built this country. Nothing wrong with that. Lot of you don’t know that Milwaukee, my hometown was labeled as a socialist city – in terms of the mayors of Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn, and George Walker. They were all socialist mayors which by the way does not bother me because I don’t go ape over a word! There was a article from a 24 year old who believes and thinks that the Green Bay Packers are a socialist organization. That’s right, the team that won Superbowl 45 earlier this year, when they went up against the Pittsburgh Steelers won the big one, after the Wisconsin Badgers Football team lost the Rose Bowl to TCU.  Obviously, in my view overall this dude didn’t do his homework and needs to go back to school.  And needs to stay weeping over the departure of Chad OchoCinco. Ok, that was a little bit harsh. But seriously, OK the organization may had some socialist ties, but that does NOT make them entirely socialist overall. Will I have to take off my Green and Yellow for another team that is not Socialist? Absolutely not! The Packers are more than just a team, they are a business, and unlike most teams in the NFL, they are the only team in the league that doesn’t have 1 owner. All 112,000+ residents in Green Bay and some outside of the city are shareholders. Not bad for a “socialist” NFL Team that won 13 NFL Championships.

We Americans need to stop thinking negative mostly about socialism. If it hadn’t been for socialism, in my view, there wouldn’t be Medicare. No Subways to ride, nor bridges to build, not park systems to play or to have a first date, no Fire/Police to call, no public schools to go to for education. And many others. To those Americans who think socialism is all a bad thing overall, Check yourself. I think the only thing that keeps you for saying the positive stuff about it, is because well, you follow the candidate who feels the same way. Sort of like the voters in Wisconisn who voted for Scott Walker because of stripping Collecetive Barganing Rights, and not building a High Speed Rail System that most of you, that I’m afraid to call them ashamed, that it’s a boondongle. The real boondongle is on the egg on the faces who think that way of not moving forward to the future instead of living in the past. Those who constantly say, “Let’s get back to what it used to be”!  I call that an Epic Fail! Sort of like having backwards politics. Because that what this is.

So again, the next time that those who say that Socialism overall is bad thing. Be educated!


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