Dear America:

We are one day removed, and 10 years removed from “the worst smackdown in American History”. We all have those moments and memories of what we were doing when the planes hit the original World Trade Center. Speaking of which, I remember being in the 8th Grade, when I had the opportunity to visit New York and having the chance to visit the World Trade Center as well as the Chrysler/Empire State Buildings. Keep in mind, I was 14 years old and it was in 1991. 20 years ago. But I did had a thought of visiting the NYC again one day and getting a chance to visit the towers as usual. But those terrorist attacks changed everything, but like every American (or should I say determined, hopeful, optimistic American) I will not be like those who refuse to stay home. I will visit the NYC and visit the World Trade, even though it may not be the same towers I viewed in 1991.

Now to change features. I am viewing the online version of Time Magazine, which was titled: “Beyond 9/11”. And I’m looking at the pictures and video clips of those who witnessed and/or survived that tragic Tuesday. But there was one group of folks that weren’t shown: African-Americans. One of my Milwaukee News Columnists, James Causey pointed that out that there weren’t any blacks shown in the magazine! Utter Nonsense! I want to ask, why weren’t there any blacks featured? Really Time Magazine? I mean the Black Race wanted to share some insight of the experiences also. Believe me, I’m going there!

They should have sampled a page out of MSNBC. Brian Williams interviewed a Trinidad born Citizen named Genelle Guzman-McMillan, who later became a U.S Citizen in 1998. She is labeled as the “last survivor of 9/11”. I happened to see that interview online yesterday, and even though that she didn’t felt talking about her story of being trapped in the rubble, but she had a story to tell. I often wondered about other blacks who didn’t have the chance to voice out their stories and lived to tell about it. Yes, 9/11 effected EVERYONE in various ways. There was a Marine who went to Ground Zero. You may have heard of him. Jason Thomas. In his story, Jason tells Ebony Magazine about his experience about putting on his uniform and going to the site and helping those who may have been trapped or assist those in need in the rubble. I dig up the story and I’m like: why didn’t Time Magazine didn’t research him? And for the record, Jason is black, not white as thought in the World Trade Center movie.

See, this is what I’m talking about. I know I may be tripping of not having blacks featured, but I am! James Causey had it right. Where are the blacks?  Don’t judge me, Milwaukee! I see you reading this. I’m not calling Time Magazine racist. But I think Time Magazine made a false call of NOT including Americans of color in the article of telling their story in the incident 10 years ago. So as an American of Color as I am: I want to see and HEAR my people talk about their experiences to be recorded. Not just missed off the pages. So despite of the unity of United We Stand, Time Magazine needs to check itself for real and not just missed the boat to get the ball rolling. So yeah, God Bless America.


Stephen’s  Spot


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