***Here’s a retro blog that I wrote about 9/11 in 2007 on Milwaukee’s Fox 6’s website and plus my MySpace blog. It’s what I’ve experienced. Ever though this day is a reminder of remembrance and service, but it also paints a reflection to never forget. This year, for a special edition in 2011 – this marks a decade after the worst “smackdown” in American History.***


Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And I’m sure we were doing something that day when the news broke the story. Well, for me I’ll lend in my story in an extensive format. The morning of September 11th, I was preparing to go to a job interview in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It was to a printing company, Quebecor World for a printing position. As I was preparing to leave, I turned on the television and it was a report from NYC. It was Fox 6. And it was one of the towers of the World Trade Center was hit. I thought at first it was an accident. I kept thinking it was a mishap in the flight pattern. Well, I continued on my way to the job interview and unfortunately, I didn’t get the job offer that would fit around my class schedules with MATC in Milwaukee. Back on the bus, there were more passengers in talking about the towers, and the planes and how horrific it was. When I got back home, after I bought lunch from Burger King, I watched more of the footage on NBC, and Fox News. And when I watched it, it was like hell on earth. Planes flying into the buildings in New York. The Pentagon, was hit, and another footage of the scene in Shankville, PA where United Flight 93 went down. Those on that plane knew what happened with other plane fought hard against those who wanted either the White House or the U.S. Capitol a target. And on the flip side, those in the middle eastern countries, were cheering like they won the world championship. Tossing candy around saying “God is Great.” Later on the day, my mother came back home with me and my sister, and there was a bible study activity in the works. I’m thinking why a bible study on a day like this? Well maybe it was to make mends of healing and comfort. So we went out and actually did it. This was at my sister’s church at the time, Solomon Community Temple United Methodist Church in Milwaukee. At the end of the activity, each of us took a piece of paper, wrote messages on it, and took a match and burned them outside of the church, which ended the bible study.


The day of September 11th will not be forgotten. And the week of September 13th, will not be forgotten. During the week of the footage, I happened to watch WWE Smackdown. It was live in Houston, Texas. For some reason, I started to watch it and made me think that during of all the tragedy, it took some of the pain away to progress forward. It was entertaining, yes but it was something to think that we must get the gears in motion again. Some would argue that shouldn’t be on TV at that time, but it did generated a start of public assembly which was the first since 9/11, and it directed a message that Vince McMahon said: “We will not live our lives in fear!” Those two hours were all about dedication, wrestling, and comfort. And after that, Baseball and Football started up again. Furthermore, my education continued despite the horrible events, and churches on September 16th were packed. Even my church was packed, and the service ended with America The Beautiful.

The questions I remember were:

  • How can America be safe now?
  • What’s going to happen when we go through public government buildings or airports?
  • Where was God that day?
  • Is there going to be a draft? – That got me the most. I was 24 years old then!

As the title says, 9/11 was no joke. It was in my opinion the biggest “smackdown” in American history. And it serves a reminder of us that although we have these freedoms and independence of opportunity, we need to prove ourselves even more than ever. Some of us remember when JFK, MLK, were assassinated. And December 7th 1941. But most of us will never ever forget this date etched in stone: September 11th, 2001.

The infamous Firefighters of NYC hoisting the American flag at Ground Zero, 2001

.Vince McMahon addressed the WWE fans in Houston, TX on Sept. 13th, 2001 on a special edition on Smackdown.Firefighters of NYC, 2001

11 September 2001 pic

Closeup of an American Flag


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