So the Milwaukee area gets a Neo-Nazi Appearance. Really!

Posted: September 4, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial

Dear America:

Just today, my hometown Milwaukee has visitors courtesy of the Neo-Nazis near West Allis. All of this in reaction to the incidents to the Wisconsin State Fair.  I feel need to say this as an African-American Resident of the city: Really. Yeah, I’ll say that they have a right to say what they want is because of the first amendment. That goes on all angles. But what about those who feel that the “Neo-Nazi” appearance is just a dumbfounded strategy just because I don’t look like them, nor think like them? Yes they complain in the past about blacks, and mixed races. They need to move on and get over it. And people like these are telling folks like me that I shouldn’t be labeled as an “African-American”? Really? Some are saying that Glenn Beck said it, but you know, folks have been saying that BEFORE Glenn Beck. Speaking of which, does he still have a job?

Why do I call myself “African-American” at times, you ask? And I want the Caucasians who feel this way to read this. Read this very carefully: IT’S MY RIGHT! Hello! I mean THIS is supposed to be the country where you can express yourself right? Don’t mean to sound cynical, but I thought America was this country that you can label, think, have all the freedom in the world to recognize. I know that those in uniform should be appreciated BUT don’t forget that GOD gets the glory! Understand that. I hate to go there, but something told me that it needed to be said. There are folks who are confused and angry, like the Neo-Nazis who just don’t get it.

There are fans who say things about the NAACP, or the Urban League, or any other African-American organizations out there who they think that are filled with hate. Are the Elk Clubs, Koalis Clubs filled with hate? Come on, Son! Talk to me! Ok, so every group, club, frat, sorority, isn’t perfect. I get it. But why does it always revert to the black groups? Some of you may not know but there was a time that the NAACP was founded of a mixed group. The Urban League is now mixed group. And I’ll bet that when President Obama was elected, more of the so-called Hate groups probably went up all because hating a person of color in the White House. Sort of like the Tea Party. Oh yeah, I went there!

I’m also going to say that I’m not ashamed of being black. I’m not ashamed of being or labeling things, “African-American”. I’m tired of those of saying that you should be this, or should be that. I’m tired of being discriminated, being labed as a N***** However, I’m not TIRED of defending my beliefs, goals, ambitions, and dreams like every American in this nation. I am not tired of going, attending, or being things that are black. Even Black Music! That’s right I said it! I Have A Dream as Martin Luther King would say. I hope that this so-called society can really rise up.

So America, it’s a battle that is on going to get to the promised land.


Stephen’s Spot


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