I will admit. I am a “mark” of the MTV VMA’s. It’s all about the video. Really the video. This past Sunday was the 24th Anniversary of the show, while the company is still hanging 30 years in the business. Now the performances were on point and especially, I’m not a fan of hers, but there is a future of acting in Lady Gaga. The way she captured the audience with the raw, uncensored and some uncut “bringing it” acts, along with her outfit in a West Side Story sense. Beyonce’s performance as usual captures the crowd but in the end, I think the surprise was the fact that she’s 4 months with child. Now I know that Jay-Z had plans to “retire” years back, but…that retirement party needs to wait a while longer. Oh, his and Kayne’s performance of Otis was good with that collaboration. And by the way, Watch The Throne is a good CD on all formats. On Chris Brown, in the mix of his music, he put it down with the retros of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” segments. Which reminds me of what MTV used to display almost every afternoon before all these “shows” took over. Towards middle and end, I am really impressed with Adele. Having that somber mood feeling of the performance that really took the word remembrance in a different plateau. In speaking of that, the tribute to Amy Winehouse. I looked at the performance piece of her and Tony Bennett. Now I have to say this: If Amy Winehouse were still living, that would have been a beneficial thing to collaborate. We all know that Amy had demons. But her music really touched those on a different level. As far as the Video Vanguard Award, how could MTV give that to Britney Spears? Aren’t the artists are supposed to be within their 20 or 30 year careers to get one of those? I mean Britney hasn’t been in the game that long, but I think her award should have waited a couple of more years just to get the moon man. Maybe I’m just old school. But that’s my opinion. That would be like if someone should have told Kanye West to wait for BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award when he approaches the age of 60, not 40. As for the new artists award, I never heard nor seen Tyler the Creator, but he did beat out those in the category that have been heard of.

Now I want to switch gears for a moment. While I was on the MTV’s site that featured Tony Bennett’s comments about saving Amy Winehouse. There was comment from “Helen” who happens to be British that complained that MTV should have shown the event on her end and have the nerve to say that was segregated along with America’s problems with race in all. Note to the Brits: I don’t work for MTV! I was just in mourning in the memory of Amy Winehouse along with you. 10 years ago,  we Americans had the biggest smackdown in history when the planes hurled by terrorists through the World Trade Center, and alot of you were in prayer with us. When Michael Jackson died, we were all in mourning together because even though that he was African-American born, he was loved by everyone all over the world. When Princess Diana was killed in the car crash in the French Tunnel, we mourned with you! Yes, THIS American is not racist against anyone from anybody. Don’t put nor judge ALL AMERICANS in the same basket just because your country didn’t see the footage featuring your countryman. Yes, you say that America isn’t all about you. Well I have to say that in response with “British soul”. Just remember, that soul music you are playing, in respect to Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone, that was started HERE in America. It started with African-Americans. That’s not racism. That’s truth. Or as we say in the urban areas, “real talk”. Also the blame can be placed on the region areas like region 2 or region 1. Just remember that. And by the way, didn’t your country had a race riot recently featuring blacks getting hit? Small world.  Just saying. Not trying to hate. I’ll pray for all of you. Even to those that continue to appreciate humanity.

Overall, they say this was the most watched MTV VMA’s in history. But if they want to continue that, they have to be different. And for the record, they do have more experience than the BET Awards because of the length of time.


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