We have seen the mess. We have seen the melee. We have seen the video on Milwaukee’s Fox6 website of the mess of Riverwest Neighborhood, and the Wisconsin State Fair, thus far. But the question now turns to this: what’s next for the youth of Milwaukee? The question should be, what should be next for the youth of Milwaukee? I ask this because ordinary citizens have been asking the same thing. Even those embarrassed by the past melee’s have been asking, allegedly.

I was on the net today and listened to Blowradio.com Now you’re asking, what’s that? Does anyone in America know Homer Blow? He used to be a radio personality on WNOV a while back, and now he’s in charge of his radio show which comes on everyday at 1pm CST. But here’s something that everyone should know: The radio show is completely uncut and uncensored with wacky topics, and also SERIOUS issues that hit home in the Greater Milwaukee Area. One of the serious issues the show did touch was indeed the youth of Milwaukee in which those of us know well: the melee at State Fair. Previously there were comments about bad parenting, if you hit your child you go to jail stuff, spankings, etc. Let’s be honest. I’m assuming that many of you have once in the lifetime, have been spanked by your parents. Admit it. Or some had a combination of both spankings and time outs. Be honest. Here’s the kicker. The things that we (me included) went through as kids growing up, these are the things that the so-called parents don’t do to their kids.And you wonder why the kids go out and run rapid with melees, attacks, and trying to make it “an entertainment reaction” for their so-called audience. Who are they trying to impress? Youtube?!

There are those who don’t get it. The streets are letting the kids talking to them instead of the homes. The homes should be the ones telling the kids no means no, always say good this or good that, and a truthful reminder of real talk. – Speaking of “Real Talk”, I’ve been hearing that lately. For those who want to know, Real Talk isn’t just a catch phrase. It’s a motivational thought to seek the common ground. When I say something that most folks can agree with, it usually has an “Amen” for it, but instead I’m saying real talk.

Getting back, when I was listening to Homer’s show today (being uncensored in all) he read a letter from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan about some solutions that was debated about on the show courtesy of the WTMJ 620AM website:

– Revamping the juvenile justice system
– Continuing and increase police overtime
– Immediately beginning the process of filling more than 150 police vacancies
– Strict curfew enforcement
– Late night walks
– “I Pledge Milwaukee” like a similar plan in Philadelphia
– Operation SAFECAM (using surveillance cameras in particular neighborhoods)
– Orphanages
– Boarding schools
– “Drastic and far-reaching changes to MPS”

Most of the things that the Alderman brought forward have some trying truths, but there is one thing that has to be asked: How is this going to make the rules and regulations stick? And plus, since Alderman Donovan had talked this up, in his district, why doesn’t he bring this fortitude to the black communities? In other words, is Alderman Donovan, along with Alderman Dudzik are scared to go to the black communities to address this with black constituents, or with the residents in the black neighborhoods? Really?!! It sounds like that “yeah, we might but no we’ll stay here thing”. I know that they don’t go to other districts in all, but ARE THEY representatives for the City of Milwaukee? That would be like if the republicans would say spit about the needs and wants of the black community from afar, but WILL NOT go into the Black Community itself to talk to the neighbors, businesses and others of the area to get the word out in person! How many in Milwaukee have seen the Milwaukee Police Department in the black neighborhoods, but NOT the Milwaukee County Sheriff (yes I’m picking on them) Department in the black neighborhoods? That has to be addressed more. Another thought from the radio show, they were talking about having leagues that have the police officers coaching the basketball games in Wisconsin’s state capitol of Madison. And plus their crime rate is lower than Milwaukee’s. In speaking of that, there should be more Milwaukee leagues forming up that can be compatible with Madison’s to extend that “there is something to do without getting in trouble by the Milwaukee Police Department”. That way it could have that balance of peace between the citizen and officer. Just my thought.

Another thing to say that in Milwaukee, the MPS school system will start school in September. How many of our youth will be dedicated to afterschool activities and other academic outings without going for trouble? And what will the parents role in this IF they get into trouble? If the youth DO get into trouble or drama, show them the video footage from the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter that kept it 100, about if the kids get in trouble, then the parents will have to join them in jail. I’ve seen the footage and mad props to the mayor for having the spirit to tell it like it is. – and just to be frank, can Milwaukee borrow that?


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